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Let's start 2021 by giving away $2,021.
Celebrate and reward the charitable causes that have supported our communities over the past year.

  • The results are in

    Congratulations to the Oak Ridge Military Academy and Heroes on the Water. Two very well-deserved organizations and thank you to everyone who participated and voted.

    It may be over, but you can still show your support: 
    • Watch the nomination videos and spread the word
    • Donate to nominated organizations
    • If they’re local to you, volunteer your time
  • Heroes on the Water

    Nominated by Chris Tweedy, Heroes on the Water creates alternative wellness programs to serve veterans, active-duty military personnel, first responders and their families. The primary proven therapy utilized by Heroes on the Water is kayak fishing.

  • Oak Ridge Military Academy

    Nominated by Ed Boothe, the Oak Ridge Military Academy is located in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. The academy promotes academic excellence and leadership. Ed would also like to highlight their battalion commander who has really excelled while at the academy.

  • LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve

    Nominated by Nick Watson, LEEK is a hunting organization from Pennsylvania. They are dedicated to providing outdoor experiences to our disabled veterans through hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation activities.

  • Oklahoma Flyers

    Nominated by Danny Ammann, the Oklahoma Flyers, a junior cycling program led by Tanner Culbreath. The organization is dedicated to providing structure, leadership, training and equipment to youth cyclists. Aside from cycling, the group is also passionate about community outreach and service.

  • Tioga Sports Park Association

    Nominated by Cole Hollingsworth, the Tioga Sports Park is located in Coos County, Oregon. This small, non-profit shooting range is looking to expand its ranges. An expanded range can provide law enforcement officers with a local training location, without having to leave town.

  • Special Olympics

    Nominated by José Avila, the Special Olympics is dedicated to sports training and athletic competition to people of all ages with intellectual disabilities. Whether it is swimming, basketball, track and field or any other sport, the Special Olympics does it.

  • Safari Club International – Northern Nevada

    Nominated by Brandon Weise, the Northern Nevada chapter of Safari Club International is very involved in habitat management, wildlife conservation and wildspace rehabilitation. In 2017, the group started a reseeding effort to bring back habitats in areas affected by wildfires.

  • Prois Hunting

    Nominated by Kaitlyn Lospinoso, Prois Hunting is a group formed by women and for women. They’re dedicated to creating apparel designed for women hunters. The brand also sponsors hunts and events to open up the sport to women of all ages.