The Stages of a Brand Ambassador Program: A Lifecycle

The Stages of a Brand Ambassador Program: A Lifecycle

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It is critical to understand the different stages of a brand ambassador program in order to have success. We are excited to share with you the life cycle of a brand ambassador program, which has been developed by working with global brands. ReadyPulse’s influencer marketing software allows you to take your program through various stages, giving you flexibility in entering at any stage based on the maturity of your current program, if you already have one.

  • Strategize: Before you will go about anything else in your brand ambassador program, plan out how you will proceed with it and the shape it will take. How will you find social influencers, how many ambassadors will you recruit, who will they be, what campaigns will be their initial focus, and what your success criteria would be?
  • Prospect: From the communities of interest based on activities, brand ecosystem, competitors, events and any other criteria, identify influential individuals who have engaged with your content in the past. Survey your possible candidates to gauge interest in potentially working with your program.
  • Recruit: Reach out to influencers who you think would be good fits for your program, and recruit them as brand ambassadors. Onboarding and brand ambassador legal agreements are critical at this juncture to ensure you are providing the best experience to your ambassadors while ensure ambassador privacy and compliance with FTC regulations.
  • Activate: Once onboarded, get them involved in your ambassador campaigns by activating them as brand ambassadors. There are multiple types of campaigns that can be devised, but they all fall under categories of creating buzz, generating content, getting feedback on your marketing initiatives and products, and community support/engagement.
  • Amplify: The fruits of activation can be amplified by leveraging the content in your marketing campaigns, rebroadcasting to your social audience and showcasting ambassadors who bubble up in the program in your marketing channels.
  • Measure: Analyze the performance of each ambassador in terms of influenced revenue, conversions, traffic (including referrals), content quantity and social engagement. and amount of content generated.

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Lauren Gould , Product Marketing Manager

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