Location Video

Location video

Enhance your lessons with custom video, shot at the location of your choice.
Perfect for capturing lifestyle footage or showing your brand or product in action.

Experts love video


Enjoy custom lessons that feature custom videos. This is our most popular learning format for your most impactful advocates.

Location video examples

Diamondback met up with bike experts in Sedona to get their
experienced feedback about the brand’s latest bike lineup.

The Leica Geovid Pro 32 is a groundbreaking range finding binocular that set's the stage for the next 30 years of sporting optics.

Jeff from Honey Gardens met with ExpertVoice to explain the
benefits and the health-enriching properties of raw honey.

Outdoor expert Brenna King walked us through the features and
benefits of the OtterBox Outdoors cooler lineup.

We got inside access to Reebok headquarters to interview the
design team that developed the brand’s Floatride Foam technology.

Zippo ventured into the outdoors with the Zippo firestarter line. Expert Chris Cochella reviewed the lineup and offers his feedback.

Want to see more examples? Talk with your Account Executive to curate a custom video playlist.

Added value of video


Spend less

Our video rates are one-third the price of most competing agencies — with the same or better production quality.


Marketing minded

ExpertVoice can collaborate with your marketing team to develop videos that fit into broader campaigns. 


Share your video

Use your videos outside ExpertVoice — on your website, in organic social media posts and e-commerce product pages.

Video usage limitations

All videos produced by ExpertVoice are cleared to use online in perpetuity for non-broadcast use. So take full advantage and use your videos on your website landing pages, in organic social media posts, and e-commerce product pages.

It's important to note that if you'd like to use your video for broadcast use (this includes online advertising), we will need to expand usage rights for music and voice talent. This may result in additional fees based on usage. If you are considering using your ExpertVoice videos for advertising purposes, we will be happy to broker additional licensing on your behalf.


“I love to see more hands-on videos of experts using and reviewing products out in the field."

Dave Wollman
Hunt and fish expert

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