E-Commerce Advocacy

Turn “Review Programs” into E-Commerce Advocacy

Source reviews backed by a resume, written by credentialed experts in your category

Mobilize our in-house team to build custom e-commerce experiences that put your latest products in the hands of targeted experts

  • Easily syndicate expert reviews across your website and online retailers via the Bazaarvoice integration.
  • Drive sales volume, conversion rates, and profit margins, while reducing returns.

“The team at ExpertVoice delivered a solution where expert gear testers within the vast influencer network provided product reviews on Skullcandy.com. The reviews that poured in were incredible, and truly reinforced the positioning of this product line … I place a high value on the ability to offer our consumers useful information on the benefits of our products from a trusted source, so they are able to easily identify which products are right for them.”


See how expert reviews can be showcased in your e-commerce experience


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