Do retail associates influence sales?

ExpertVoice commissioned a third-party academic study from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to help analyze the impact of the retail sales associates, see what they found out.


Igniting the flame of brand advocacy

A well-run advocacy program gathers your most influential advocates and gets them talking about your brand more frequently and powerfully. How can you get started?


Want to reduce returns?

While in-store purchases have an 8–10% return rate, e-commerce returns are at least double that. What can you do to help your consumers make sure they're making the right purchase decisions?


How Brands Can Bring Trust Back to Online Reviews

In the past and the present, reviews are vulnerable to abuse. How can brands can invest in and leverage expert content to restore trust?


E-Commerce Advocacy Solutions Lookbook

So what is the E-Commerce Advocacy Solution? How does this solution help you brand in reaching more customers and selling more?


Why We Need a New Kind of Review

Over the last 20 years, online reviews have become woven inextricably into the consumer decision-making process. But the recent decline in trust in online reviews calls for a new kind of review.

3 steps to help you avoid the post-holiday sales slump (3)

How-to-Guide: 3 steps to help you avoid the post-holiday sales slump

Looking for ways to avoid that inevitable sales dip that starts off the year for so many retailers? This How-to-Guide has 3 tips to help you skip the Q1 sales slump.