How ExpertVoice vets and verifies experts

Find out how ExpertVoice sets its membership standards to ensure that only qualifying people have access to brands on the platform.


Review syndication: What it is and why it matters to your business

Through the Bazaarvoice-ExpertVoice partnership and seamless integration, you can reach your customers where they shop by distributing the UGC collected with ExpertVoice to the Bazaarvoice Network.


Best practices for launching advocacy marketing campaigns

Advocacy marketing campaigns help your brand connect with target experts on ExpertVoice and strengthen their knowledge. Here are the best practices for launching advocacy marketing campaigns.


The Campaign Manager is here

The Campaign Manager is now available in the Advocacy Platform – making it even easier for you to manage your advocacy marketing campaigns.


Overcoming the Challenges of Influencer Marketing

We dug into the data so that you don’t have to. Explore industry insights that teach us the top challenges brands face while running an influencer marketing program. Learn how to adapt your strategy.

Black Friday Retail Employee

Why Advocacy

Advocacy marketing is a long-term strategy that turns your brand’s most passionate customers into your biggest advocates. It’s a durable marketing investment that only gets stronger over time.


The Power of Authentic Advocacy

Modern influencer strategies are successful when they efficiently engage all types of influencers and measure their impact on the brand’s awareness, sales and/or content generation.