Brief: sell more this new year with educated retail associates

Sales figures struggle after the holiday rush, but they don’t have to. Improve and increase associates recommendations and drive sales.

3 steps to help you avoid the post-holiday sales slump (3)

How-to-Guide: 3 steps to help you avoid the post-holiday sales slump

Looking for ways to avoid that inevitable sales dip that starts off the year for so many retailers? This How-to-Guide has 3 tips to help you skip the Q1 sales slump.

Cover of ExpertVoice's infographic on sales associates and sales.

Do sales associates influence sales?

The data is clear: knowledgeable associates provide a measurable lift.


Why retail needs more experts

Retail sales associates are the often forgotten brand advocate and influencer. Learn how ExpertVoice turns RSA’s into better trusted recommenders.


Why retail strategies are failing

ExpertVoice surveyed more than 500 consumers to see how they perceive the current state of retail, and the responses revealed some worrisome data.


The secret to converting consumers

Why recommendations from experts carry more weight.