The secret to converting consumers

Why recommendations from experts carry more weight.


Do consumers trust celebrity endorsements?

Infographic: Do consumers trust celebrity endorsements?


How to gain consumer trust (and sell more products)

Consumers need recommendations on what to buy, but they don’t look to ads for those recommendations — they look to the people they know have knowledge and expertise.


How Nordic Naturals Reaches Consumers Online & Offline

How do you reach those influential people who affect your product sales?

Analyst Report

Marshall Fisher Report: The Value of Influence In Retail

Influence in retail matters, to customer and your ROI. This academic study explores just how much more passionate retail influencers sell than their counterparts. The result might surprise you.

Analyst Report

4 Phases of the Consumer Buying Journey

The Consumer Buying Journey is Changing Is Your Brand Ready?   Marketers can’t reach their goals without knowing exactly who their target audiences are and how those people make purchases.