Core Advocacy

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Engage a new kind of influencer.

Bring authenticity to your influencer strategy. Advocates on ExpertVoice are motivated by their passion, not a paycheck. Engage all types of influencers that consumers trust for buying advice—retail sales associates, industry professionals, or custom communities of brand ambassadors. The platform offers sophisticated targeting to deliver the right experiences to the right people.

Inspire high-quality recommendations.

Once you’ve engaged the right people, inspire what they say about your brand. Build their knowledge with dynamic education modules that tell your brand story or spotlight certain products. Strengthen relationships with communities that make members feel like the brand insiders they are. Kickstart your product seeding strategy with targeted product sampling campaigns that gather UGC from people with first-hand product experience.


Impact the entire buying journey.

Reach your consumers wherever they shop, at any stage of the buyer's journey. Generate awareness with more of your product out in the world. Influence consideration with trustworthy recommendations—face-to-face or online. Impact the point of purchase with a trusted product review at the top of your e-commerce page or a compelling sales associate conversation in-store. Take advocacy a step further by leveraging survey feedback to inform future product development.

Measure influence across every channel.

Analytics measure the reach of your brand online, across the industry, and at retail locations. Leverage an ever-growing library of UGC approved for use by the creators to elevate your marketing and monitor user sentiment. Understand the impact of advocacy on e-commerce and at retail.


The power of Core Advocacy — by the numbers.


of people say they are highly likely to follow an ExpertVoice recommendation


of consumers believe that ExpertVoice recommendations are more credible


more buying conversations had by ExpertVoice members than the average consumer


of buyers report word-of-mouth is a leading factor in their purchase decision

See Core Advocacy in action

Key features of Core Advocacy



Industry-based audiences to build awareness amongst influential users. 

Create ambassador communities to share your brand’s message and mission.

Build VIP teams to provide easy, always-on access to your brand.



Education and product seeding to create knowledgeable users and inspire more credible recommendations.

Surveys to monitor brand sentiment and gather feedback. 

Promotional media to boost engagement when and where you need it.



Unlimited access to user-generated photos and reviews of your products to enhance your marketing and validate your investment.  

Share insights and learnings with your product development team to keep evolving your brand.



Access reports that track product adoption and brand sentiment.

Understand where you’ve created repeat customers.

Identify new market opportunities.



Provide deeply discounted product access for your most elite audiences to encourage adoption and drive full-price sales

Discounts for broader audiences to build awareness, and gather more diverse product recommendations and UGC.



Showcase news, posts and polls on dedicated brand pages.

Highlight community members and their accomplishments.

It’s time for an all-in-one advocacy solution.

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