Experts respond to quality, not hype.
They're passionate, but skeptical.

That’s why you need ExpertVoice Studios. We are masters at making content that’s informative, helpful and interesting to the people who influence your consumers most.


Full service

When you partner with ExpertVoice, our team of content strategists, writers, interactive designers and video producers build your learning experience from soup to nuts.



Our award-winning team has built over 20,000 digital lessons ranging from outdoor recreation to nutritional supplements.



Our experts are a demanding bunch. We are constantly listening to audience feedback and analyzing engagement behavior to best transform your brand's objectives into finely tuned, expert-focused content.

What we build

We bring together multiple topics and content formats so that we can both inspire brand affinity and deepen product knowledge — pulling both the emotional and rational levers that drive advocacy. Our most successful brands share both custom and templated content pieces with experts to achieve frequent and meaningful engagement throughout the year.

Give experts the whole story about why and how to recommend your brand. Studios will conduct a complete brand immersion, interview relevant experts, and build out a full-screen, interactive lesson that’s tailored to your brand’s unique personality.

Best for:
Authentic brand stories
Expert-driven stories
High-priority product launches
In-depth lessons on core technologies
Product collections

Share the essential details about your key products in a streamlined template that enables rapid development and frequent updates to your experts. You will be asked to complete a Discovery Brief to ensure the content aligns with your learning objectives.

Best for:
A brand primer
Technology one sheet
High-priority product launches
Expert spotlights
Featured product common use cases

For brands who would like to feature their own video content as a stand-alone piece, this lesson type allows for rapid sharing with your expert audience. Studios will add closed captions, short intro copy and an Edu-Game.

Best for:
Rapid updates
Product demos
Expert testimonials
Brand stories

Amplify your ExpertVoice lessons with video content. Our video rates are competitive, often a fraction of the cost of competing agencies but with the same production quality. You also can use any videos we create outside of the ExpertVoice platform, across your marketing and e-commerce channels.

Fuel expert recommendations

In surveys of our experts, we’ve found:


recommend products at least once a week


have used information from lessons to make recommendations


want to see new lessons from a brand at least quarterly

“We have these ideas about our brand's story and what we want to say, and ExpertVoice brings a fresh, new look at our brand, at our supplements and what makes them special and unique and helps us convey that to the experts out there and do it in a way that's very engaging, that's informative, that's appealing — and that brings the experts back time and again.”

– Erin Stokes, ND, Director of Education at Megafood

“In particular, the lessons from Megafood have been especially beneficial, as this is one of the top-selling brands at my supplement store. All of the information given is valuable to me as a sales associate. I can now communicate what I have learned to customers, which more often than not, leads to an even bigger sale.”

– Destiny Dagenhart, Nature’s Outlet retail employee

“There's definitely a use intent behind someone buying a piece of gear … so it's really important for us to get the right information to our experts to know the best recommendation to make.”

– Norin Crawford, VP of E-Commerce, Outdoor Research

“Outdoor Research was one of my favorites [on ExpertVoice]. They went really in depth into all of their technologies and had great videos about which line of gear was right for different applications.”

– Caleb Marek, Deer Valley Ski Resort employee

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