Retail Advocacy


Increase revenue across your retail footprint.

Sales associates on ExpertVoice sell 87% more than their peers. Get direct access to sales associates and build their awareness of your brand to increase sell-through. Data lets you know where your products are being used and talked about to increase sell-in.


Turn sales associates into sales experts.

Bring brand training to life and keep products top of mind with video and short or long-form lessons. Provide firsthand product experience to deepen their knowledge. Users with verified credentials can always access your training — which means you can create long-term brand advocates across all of your targeted retail locations.


See what sales associates are saying.

Not only will your sales associates become better at recommending your products, but they will also post high-quality reviews and photos on ExpertVoice. Gain firsthand insight into how your products are talked about in stores and use their UGC in other channels.

Measure retail performance.

Understand brand performance in desired markets. Analytics provide engagement data to understand the familiarity of sales associates. Surveys provide firsthand insights into sales performance. Share it all with your retail partners to keep products moving off the shelf.


The power of trusted in-store recommendations — by the numbers.


more sales made by sales associates on ExpertVoice


as likely to recommend a brand after engaging with it on ExpertVoice


more sales after completing just one brand training module


average increase in sell-through when using ExpertVoice to educate retail sales associates

See Retail Advocacy in action

Key features of Retail Advocacy



Engage unique audiences from big box stores to independent retailers.

Segment your audience to reach prospective dealers.

Build communities of your most important sales associates.



Deep brand education to distinguish yourself from competitors.

Bite-sized product lessons that are easy to reference, keep key products top of mind and lead to a better customer experience.



Discover your most influential and passionate sales advocates through their uploaded photos and reviews.

Recognize them with virtual awards and personal acknowledgments.



Analytics that highlight sales associate engagement at the store level.

Sell-through analysis to understand the impact of education on sales.



Discount and free seeding programs to encourage product trial amongst sales associates.

Customize reward offerings to incentivize deeper learning.



Customize your brand page with imagery and messaging.

Share your latest brand and product videos to engage page visitors.

It’s time for a better retail experience.

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