Retail Advocacy

They have access to your consumers. Now give them access to your brand.

A full 82% of consumers say knowledgeable recommendations make them very likely to actually buy the product they’re considering. So, getting that knowledge into the hands of the retail sales associates  who make those recommendations matters. A lot.

Turn “Retail Training” into Retail Advocacy

Tap into the world’s largest network of retail sales associates and category experts

Mobilize our in-house team to build content that educates and inspires the folks on the floor

  • Analyze metrics and insights tosee how advocates are improving sell-through at retail
  • Gain insights from the floor tobring back to your product teams and share with retail partners

“We know that if [a sales associate] uses the product and has a chance to see the quality and functionality, they will be advocates for it. It’s why we work with ExpertVoice.”


It’s time for a better retail experience for your consumers