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Harness the power of the expert community - the people that consumers trust for advice about what to buy.

Not your average influencer.

They are real-world people, respected for their industry expertise because of what they do, where they work or how they practice their passions. Their recommendations carry immense weight, which is a good thing since ExpertVoice members are 22 times more likely to offer buying advice than average consumer.


The expert network — by the numbers.

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Real expertise makes a real difference.

We meticulously verify ~40K experts monthly, ensuring that only those individuals with qualified, up-to-date credentials are part of our network. Our rigorous process guarantees a high-quality audience, protecting against fraud and delivering only the right experts for your brand.

Access to in-depth profiles.

Confidently target the perfect experts for your brand when you know more about who they are. Detailed profiles feature work history, passions, achievements, UGC and product reviews. Experts voluntarily share zero-party data, enabling brands to build direct relationships with their audience on and off the platform.


It was really exciting to see the range of people that are super excited about Outdoor Research and willing to put extra effort into being a larger part of the brand."


Ryan Donk

Digital Program Manager

For us, ExpertVoice is about getting product in the right people’s hand so they can show the value of our products in the field, and we get more full price sales.”


Burris Optics

E-commerce Manager

What we love about ExpertVoice is the access to all different types of experts that help drive awareness to our products."

Sq Brooks

Jacquelyn Stone

Digital Field Rep Supervisor

Unlock the power of experts