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Top 10 recommended products for fitness and training

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Transform your workouts with expert-recommended products. Whether it’s a pair of shoes for a PR or a massage gun for the recovery afterwards, the right product can make all the difference in your training routine. We sifted through thousands of product recommendations from our experts – trusted industry insiders who regularly test and review products – to bring you the top 10 products to better your fitness. Here’s what made the list.

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No. 10: Stoko K1 Knee Brace Summit Edition

Stoko K1 Knee Brace Summit Edition

“These braces are a totally new concept in knee support. The tights replace the two rigid, uncomfortable hard braces I’ve had for 20 years with a garment I actually use to get the knee alignment and support I need … For anyone with knee problems, I highly recommend you try these … One of the most innovative products I’ve ever owned.”

Mike McGuire
Professional Outdoor Instructors
ExpertVoice member since 2017

No. 9: EcoVessel BOULDER TriMax® Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

EcoVessel BOULDER TriMax® Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

“This is without question the most versatile, efficient and well-thought-out water bottle on the market. I have two that I use on a daily basis and even in HOT weather, I’ve still had Ice after two days. I love the option of having some fresh lemon peel separated from the water for a nice fruit infuser.”

Ryan Olson
National Eagle Scout Association
ExpertVoice member since 2018

No. 8: Garmin fenix® Sapphire Solar 

Garmin fenix® Sapphire Solar

“The Fenix really does do it all. The 7 Solar Sapphire is a step up from past Fenix watches in battery life. The battery life is a big highlight. It lasts weeks in activity tracking mode and hours on hours with GPS tracking … Overall, this is a fantastic watch.”

David Kuhns
USA Cycling
ExpertVoice member since 2020

No. 7: A Better Whey 2 lbs Bag

A Better Whey 2 lbs Bag

“You can tell right away this is a quality protein. It’s made with great ingredients and the flavor reflects. I’ve only had the vanilla, but when you mix it with milk it tastes like ice cream. If you’re tired of big companies pushing a junk product that tastes waxy and synthetic, it’s time to make a switch.”

Christian Coddington
U.S. Marines
ExpertVoice member since 2017


No. 6: LactiGo Menthol Bottle

LactiGo Menthol Bottle

“As a triathlete I have been using LactiGo for recovery and on days with VO2Max or HIIT efforts on the bike and in my runs. I feel a decrease in lactate build up in my hard efforts, allowing me to reach a little deeper. Then as for recovery, I feel I have hit the reset button and am ready to take on the next day’s training load.”

Aaron Geiser
American College of Sports Medicine
ExpertVoice member since 2022

No. 5: inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3 

inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3

“Loved these shoes from the moment I put them. They fit perfectly. I have high arches and instep and bunions which is makes shoe shopping miserable … They work great for the gym and I feel more in control lifting than with old sneakers (running shoes). I have already recommended to friends and plan to order more.”

Elizabeth Machmer
IMBA Member
ExpertVoice member since 2015

No. 4: Hyperice Hypervolt 2

Hyperice Hypervolt 2

“I’m a Wildland firefighter and morning PT hikes always had my calves burning … I started using this to increase blood flow to those muscles … It has sped up my recovery, has an incredible battery life and eased aches and pains between massage/dry needling sessions in a way I could not have achieved before. Best purchase for my wellness yet!”

Kellie Kulseth-Barker
Fire and Rescue
ExpertVoice member since 2020

No. 3: Nuun Sport Strawberry Lemonade

Nuun Sport Strawberry Lemonade

“I’ve been using Nuun tablets for several years, I drop two tablets in large cycling water bottle to keep my electrolytes in-line and, sometimes, get a bit of a boost with the caffeinated version. If I do not use electrolyte replacement I can get very painful leg cramps – never happens when I use Nuun! They work.”

David Quady
REI Employee
ExpertVoice Member since 2021

No. 2: Altra Lone Peak 6

Altra Lone Peak 6

“I love the Lone Peak for trail running … The foot-shaped toe box is accommodating for a wider forefoot without feeling loose on the heel/rest of the foot. The traction has brought me through dry, rocky, wet, snowy, icy, etc. conditions without a problem!”

Sam Mayer-Hernandez
Masters in Sports Science
ExpertVoice member since 2021

No. 1: Brooks Ghost 14

Brooks Ghost 14

“Putting serious miles down has previously had me in the hurt locker before I started rotating a pair of these into my training. Now, I am pain free and my only focus is training! … These have been my one stop shop for over five years and I have to say I’ve never been disappointed with the innovation they bring to the running space!”

Dakota Lee
IMBA Members and U.S. Military
ExpertVoice member since 2017

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