Advocacy Platform Overview


An all-in-one solution to brand advocacy 

A single solution to manage and measure your advocacy program, no matter where you want to build buzz about your brand—online, at retail, through social channels or out in the world. The Advocacy Platform is a one-stop-shop to identify, activate and expand the reach of your brand’s most influential audiences.


Get to know the Advocacy Platform.

Key features of the Advocacy Platform

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Measure the impact of your advocacy program with customized reporting for every aspect of your organization.

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Create and publish campaigns to your most influential audiences to strengthen their recommendations.

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Manage all the components of your program: lessons, incentives, audiences and videos.

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Build distinct communities of experts to help build your brand.

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Engage with UGC posted on the platform and use it as social proof across your marketing channels.

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Syndicate and display the strongest product recommendations and UGC to improve performance in
e-commerce channels.

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Understand what experts are saying about your products and respond to their recommendations.

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Create your brand’s presence on the ExpertVoice platform in just a few clicks.

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ExpertVoice Advocacy Products

Hero - Core v.3

Core Advocacy

Reach more consumers by activating your most influential audiences. Empower them to become advocates of your brand.

Advo Hero - Retail NEW

Retail Advocacy

Deliver brand education at scale and empower sales associates to speak confidently about your brand and products.

Hero - E Comm v.3

E-Commerce Advocacy

Grow sales and build consumer trust by collecting authentic product reviews and user-generated content.

Hero - Social v.3

Social Advocacy

Gather social proof already approved by creators for use across your social channels to build brand credibility and drive sales.


Measure your return on investment with extensive data and insights.

Reports: Access your reports anytime, anywhere

Dashboards: Customized dashboards with detailed filters to get the data that matters most to you

Subscriptions: Set subscription alerts to stay on top of your KPIs.

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View, create and publish campaigns to your most important audiences to strengthen recommendations.

Create new campaigns on-demand: Copy and design templates to help you create campaigns and lessons quickly.

Performance analytics: Analytics show you how each campaign performs over time.

Visibility: Visibility across your advocacy program—all current, scheduled and completed campaigns.

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Manage all the components of your ExpertVoice program: lessons, incentives, audiences and videos.

Campaign components: No need to start from scratch—save time by reusing components from previous campaigns, or creating your own.

Audience visibility: Visibility into the makeup of the audiences you care about.

Videos: Feature a stream of videos that can be organized by topic to provide page visitors with more information about your brand.

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Celebrate your brand's most influential experts.

Member recruitment: Recruit community members who meet your brand’s needs with a custom application.

Direct communication: Strengthen relationships and quickly reach members with community posts, campaigns and email.

Measurement: Monitor and measure community engagement and performance over time.

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Authentic UGC, approved for use whenever and wherever you need it.

UGC management: Source content from across the platform and organize into custom albums to share more broadly. Recognize great contributors with a like, comment or award.

Share UGC: Download and use UGC from experts in your social channels, product display pages, advertising or wherever authentic imagery is important for your brand.

See member details: Understand more about the people who love your brand. Learn what else they are passionate about, what other brands they engage with and view all their images and recommendations.

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Share your most powerful recommendations to improve e‑commerce channel performance.

Recommendation display: Easily install a curated display of revenue-driving product recommendations to all of your e-commerce pages.

Identify impactful recommendations: AI identifies the strongest product recommendations to share with consumers. Sort and filter by quality score, most recent, highest rating, photos and more.

Customize and automate: Customize the display of product recommendations so that it compliments your website. Set up automation to ensure a steady stream of recent and high-quality recommendations.

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Understanding product sentiment has never been easier.

Browse Recommendations: Browse recommendations about your products to understand sentiment and compile product feedback.

Sort: Sort by rating, number of recommendations, featured photos and more.

Interact: Respond to expert feedback directly, strengthening your relationship with key audiences.

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Create your brand presence on the ExpertVoice platform in just a few clicks.

Brand page manager: Your brand page is a place to tell experts who you are. Customize your page to reflect the look and feel of your brand.

Bring your own brand advocates: Easily invite your most important advocates to get deeper access to your brand.

Search phrases: Adjust and manage your search phrases so that experts can easily find your brand and products.

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It’s time for an all-in-one advocacy solution.