Product Sampling Campaigns


Access experienced product reviewers

Hand-select participants from an extensive network of vetted and credentialed industry experts to sample your products and automate the collection of their authentic UGC and product reviews. With ExpertVoice Product Sampling Campaigns, quickly collect fresh feedback from an audience who truly knows their stuff.


Sample your products to people who know their stuff.

No more searching for the right people to post product reviews or UGC on social media or negotiating contracts; on ExpertVoice, the applicants come to you. The ExpertVoice network is made up of verified professionals and enthusiasts who are motivated by passion rather than a paycheck. These are the types of people, the ones that consumers truly trust for buying advice,  that you can build communities with and recruit on the ExpertVoice platform to participate in your Product Sampling Campaigns.

The power of the ExpertVoice audience — by the numbers.

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Transparency into user profiles

Understand more about the qualifications of your sampling participants with access to all the information you need to make an informed decision about who is best to represent your brand. See where they’ve worked, what other brands they love, what content they share and what fuels their passion. Transparency into the people trying out your products means you can feel confident that you have the right people who will sample and recommend your products the right way.


Features of ExpertVoice Product Sampling Campaigns


Build and post an application

Easily identify the right product testers who will review your product online from an expert applicant pool.


Segment your product reviewers

Create separate groups of experts and provide them with personalized messaging and products based on your criteria.


Easy application management

Quickly filter, vet and rank expert applicants in the Advocacy Platform to identify suitable testers and reviewers for your brand


Send custom campaign messaging, automatically

Increase the quality of your reviews by sharing important details with transparent expectations and timelines with your expert audience.


Engage with content and reviews

Strengthen your participant’s love of your brand by engaging with the creator’s content and product reviews posted on both ExpertVoice and your website.

Stop taking chances with your product reviews.

Quickly generate honest and in-depth product reviews that build trust with your customers, the kind of trust that can boost revenue up to 40%.  Sample products ahead of a launch so that you can go to market with a collection of reviews on hand ready to display on your product pages, or collect fresh product reviews and bring new life to an existing product line. We know that product reviews aren’t one-size-fits-all these days — gather written reviews, customer images and video reviews all in one place. Syndicate product reviews collected on ExpertVoice to your website or key retailers' websites to increase trust with online shoppers in more places.


Collect authentic product photos and videos.

Who doesn't love a review with a customer photo to make an informed buying decision? Gather photos and videos from your product sampling participants that showcase your products out in the wild. Access this content from educated product users to post on social channels or populate your e-commerce pages. Collect and display UGC without any ownership contracts to worry about—all content posted on ExpertVoice is approved by creators and available for brands to share wherever and whenever they want.

Key benefits of Product Sampling Campaigns:

Accelerate the collection of online reviews & UGC for key products from select, credentialed product sampling participants.  

Quick and easy to set up, monitor and analyze your campaign using the Advocacy Platform.

Boost online purchase confidence when you go to market with credible UGC already on hand.

DIY or fully supported

DIY: For brands with the time and expertise, the Campaign Manager makes it easy to execute product sampling on your own — we’ll provide coaching and best practices, and you can move at your own pace.

Fully supported: For brands short on time and resources, Managed Services will take care of your campaign from soup to nuts — we’ll source an exclusive audience to meet your criteria and deliver results when the campaign wraps up.


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