The Community Manager


Activate the people who love your brand.

Ever wonder what drives a truly successful brand advocacy program? It’s the people. Recruit or invite passionate people who can help build your brand to join your communities. For brands looking to build deeper relationships and longer-term partnerships with advocates, the Community Manager has you covered.


Join the 900+ brands using ExpertVoice to grow their business.

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Hand-select trusted community members.

Recruit your community from the ExpertVoice platform—select applicants from a credentialed pool of real-life experts who consumers trust for advice about what to buy. 

Invite people from your existing networks to build more influential advocates. Whatever your strategy,  communities help you gather and manage the right people for your brand. 

Managed services are also available to support your recruitment needs.

Build a community to help you manage:

Brand ambassadors

VIP customers

Content creators

Field reps

Focus groups

Save time finding the right community members.

No more time spent sifting through hashtags and waiting for candidates to respond to your requests. Spin up your custom landing page and application in minutes. Easily review profiles, filter and rank your applicants to be sure you have the right fit for your brand. Managed services can streamline this process for brands with limited time and resources.

“I couldn’t believe we had over 500 applicants in a matter of days. I wanted to accept them all.” - Community Manager, Riton Optics


Activating your community made easy

Whether your community supports a long-term strategy or helps you achieve a short-term goal, the community manager provides multiple means of engagement.  Build and launch campaigns on demand or take advantage of managed services to keep your community engaged and ensure a positive experience for your brand.

Posts and notifications

Share updates and conversation starters on your community page. Send notifications to alert members of new activities.

Surveys and polls

Gauge user sentiment and let members become direct contributors to your brand development. 

Education Campaigns

Share your brand's story and product information with interactive lessons to build knowledgeable advocates.

Product Sampling Campaigns

Invite members to put your products to the test. Automate the collection of UGC and reviews for your next big product launch. 


 Invite members to partake in various activities—from attending events, posting blogs or content on social—and anything in between. 


Sometimes, your community just wants to have fun. Set up trivia challenges and gamified competitions to test their knowledge. 



User-generated content without the contracts.

Stop chasing permissions and tracking usage rights. All content and product recommendations shared on ExpertVoice are approved for use off-platform as part of the member agreement. That means anything your community shares is available for your brand to use wherever and whenever you choose—from paid ads to organic social posts—with no expiration dates or contracts to worry about. 


Community members with genuine motivation.

Community members on ExpertVoice aren’t paid—so what’s in it for them? They thrive on insider information, being the first to try out new things and the opportunity to weigh in on product development—anything that makes them feel like part of your brand. Easily reward UGC they share on ExpertVoice, thank them with special deals, free product seeding or schwag campaigns. The platform provides limitless ways to recognize your contributors.

See Communities in action.

Unlock the power of communities for your brand.

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