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5 ways to bring comfort to your campsite

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Elevate your camping experience

There’s nothing quite like a night outdoors. But if you’ve ever tossed and turned in a tent, you know that it’s also hard to beat the comforts of home. What if you could have a bit of both? We’ve rounded up five ways to add comfort to your campsite. Check out our experts’ top product recommendations to make your next outdoor adventure a little cozier.

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1. Invest in the right shelter.

A quality tent is your best bet against wind, rain and everything else a night outdoors throws at you. Why not make it deluxe?

Oztent RV-4 Tent

Experts point to the convenient, quick setup and ample space — the build-on awning is an added bonus. 

“If you are car camping and can manage transporting a 6.5′ long 50 lbs tent, you will always be happy you are camping with it. I’ve weathered crazy rain, freezing temps and 50 mph wind in mine. With the side front walls, you have two very comfortable rooms. Every single person who has camped with me in my OzTent is blown away by it.” Read more…  

Ken Beahm
Camping Enthusiast
ExpertVoice member since 2011

CVT Pioneer Series

This car-top camper earns its reputation for a durable, easy-to-setup design.

I have owned a CVT Pioneer extended fly for over 4 years. I have roughly 250 nights in this tent. The tent itself has stayed on my truck the whole time. The ventilation is great and the sun roofs are a great time at night. The weatherproofing is robust and only now has started to come undone slightly (and that is mainly due to my negligence and laziness).” Read more… 

 Matthew Kolb
Expert Qualified in pistol and rifle
ExpertVoice member since 2021

2. Set yourself up for sleeping success. 

Not too hot, not too cold, just right. These expert picks bring the comforts of your own bed a little closer to camp.

Hest Sleep System

Experts are consistently enamored with the Hest’s comfort, with many comparing it to their beds at home.

“The mattress is the most comfortable thing I have ever been camping with. It fits perfectly in the bed of my truck or my tent. I will never go back to another air mattress or sleeping pad. It packs pretty bulky but is definitely worth the space. Recommend for anyone van/truck sleeping or camping at a campground. I also bring them out when I have friends crashing at my house, and they work great.”

Jason Schuler
Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education
ExpertVoice member since 2022

Big Agnes Anvil Horn 15°

This sleeping bag ticks all the boxes with experts: warm, lightweight, comfortable and easy to compress. 

“There is no wasted weight and volume with unnecessary down on the ground side of the sleeping bag. The bag is insulated in the way a quilt would be, covering your body with down while allowing the R-value of the sleeping pad to provide warmth for the ground side.” Read more… 

Charles Young
US Navy – Military
ExpertVoice member since 2012


Klymit Luxe Camping Travel Pillow

Klymit’s pillow earns top marks for its compact design, and quiet, no-crinkle fabric.

“The Klymit Luxe Pillow could be viewed as one of those impulse gear purchases, but it is one that I am glad that I made. It rolls up small, is lightweight and inflates in no time. The cover is soft and very breathable next to the skin. It really is a great little piece of gear that makes a night out in the woods just a bit nicer.”  Read more… 

Glenn Morrison
US Navy – Military
ExpertVoice member since 2012

3. Stay charged and connected. 

Going off-the-grid doesn’t mean you have to stay completely out of touch. Send messages and stay charged wherever you are.

Garmin inReach Mini

Not only does the inReach provide peace-of-mind, it also allows experts to communicate with their families far from cell service.

“The inReach mini is perfect for anyone looking to carry a lightweight, compact, and multifunctional satellite device. It works great for mid-trip communication with folks back home, planning around weather events, mapping routes (including correcting inaccurate existing maps), and has saved my butt after a nasty dirt bike crash.” Read more

Joseph Goldstein
PADI Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver
ExpertVoice member since 2022

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 500X

For larger or longer-term power needs, the Yeti delivers an impressive 505 watt hour battery that’s suitable for emergency power, portable fridges and beyond.

“I am trail running race director here in CO, and many of our events are in locations without access to power.  Rather than fire up a noisy gas generator, I opted for the Goal Zero 500X to provide the basic power needs for our events, many of which extend through the day and night.” Read more… 

Peter Downing
Run Enthusiast
ExpertVoice member since 2012

4. Eat well. 

You can enjoy a gourmet meal — and an ice-cold drink — from anywhere with these expert picks.

Camp Chef Pro 90X Three-Burner Stove

Used to cook everything from 16-person breakfasts to lasagna, this stove earns accolades for its powerful heat and easy-to-use design. Bonus: its modular design can also accommodate a Camp Chef Pizza Oven or a Grill Box.

“I am the scoutmaster of a boys’ troop. We own two 90X three burners and these have made camp cooking so much better. First of all, the stoves hold up to the abuse of being lugged around and dropped by a bunch of 12 – 17-year-old boys. Set up and take down are super easy and intuitive for the beginning scouts.” Read more..

James Piercy
Survival Med Wilderness Survival
ExpertVoice member since 2022

Dometic CFX3 45 Portable Electric Cooler

A big favorite of van campers, Dometic electric coolers keep food and drinks ice cold without the time limit — or icy cold water to dig through — of a standard cooler.

“Works well for camping because of the electrical options and no problems that come with ice coolers. Great for social gatherings because it keeps the drinks cool and holds a lot of them! It’s a great choice, can’t go wrong with it.”

Bibi S.
ExpertVoice member since 2020

5. Sit back and relax.

Add the finishing touches to your campsite with elevated seating and relaxation options.

Big Agnes Big Six Camp Chair

Experts agree: This camp chair delivers on comfort with a durable, lightweight and easy-to-setup design.

“After a long day of fly fishing and rowing, I want something that caresses my lumbar with gentle, respectful support. This chair does just that. After 10 minutes on our first outing, I could tell that we were gonna be campfire friends from that point on. Now, I don’t go anywhere without this thing in my trunk or boat.” Read More

Christopher Jackson
US Air Force – Military
ExpertVoice member since 2010

Grand Trunk Single Parachute Nylon Hammock

Nothing says relaxing like gently swaying in the breeze between two trees, and experts love the Grand Trunk for its effortless setup and reliable comfort.

“If you’re in search of an effortless and comfortable setup, look no further! I highly recommend this hammock. It is easy to set up and perfect for any location, with a simple one-person setup that takes less than two minutes.” Read more… 

Madeleine Kopf-Patterson
Hike Enthusiast
ExpertVoice member since 2023

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