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These 9 brands are setting new standards for sustainability

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In celebration of Earth Day, we’re spotlighting brands at the forefront of sustainability — all of which are our proud partners and available on ExpertVoice. This article celebrates innovative brands blending eco-conscious practices with exceptional products. Let’s explore their creative solutions that are setting higher standards for sustainability in nutritional supplements, apparel and outdoor gear.

Caring for your body

Nutritional supplements that consider the planet’s health, too.

1. WishGarden Herbs

WishGarden herbs are organically cultivated or sustainably wildcrafted. If a plant is at risk for over-harvesting and can’t be sourced from a regenerative or forest farm (a sustainable ecosystem that combines agriculture and forestry), WishGarden reformulates to help preserve plant populations.

The brand also eliminates, captures or offsets carbon emissions created from manufacturing and shipping products.

2. MegaFood

In addition to being 1% for the Planet certified, MegaFood is a Certified B Corporation™ and certified plastic neutral. The brand set a goal to source more from regenerative and organic farms, package with recycled (and recyclable) materials and reduce emissions.

Wearing on your body

Apparel and accessories designed to tread lightly.

3. Smartwool

The Second Cut™ resale program collects used Smartwool styles and other old socks to give material new life. Smartwool also uses eco-conscious plant-based dyes (which use less water) in select styles and a 3D-knitting technique that results in less waste than cut-and-sew methods.

4. Free Fly Apparel

Free Fly Apparel was the first outdoor brand to use bamboo — a regenerative material — in performance apparel. Bamboo is planet-friendly (grown on FSC-certified regenerative farmland with no pesticides or fertilizers in China’s northern forests) and responsibly harvested. It creates a fabric that is naturally soft, breathable, antimicrobial and quick to dry.


Costa gives discarded fishing nets new life through a recycling program that prevents more plastic pollution. Old fishing nets become sunglass frames in the Untangled Collection.


6. Outdoor Research

Makers of waterproof jackets and other outerwear are shedding technologies that contain PFAS, man-made compounds considered “forever chemicals” because of their persistence as environmental pollutants. Several U.S. states have set deadlines requiring the elimination of PFAS from apparel.

Outdoor Research is one of the leaders in this initiative. In the spring of 2024, the brand announced it had reinvented collections to prioritize sustainability and reduce impact ahead of the deadlines. Watch for more stories this year about the movement away from PFAS.

Gearing up your adventures

Energy and equipment for exploring nature — while preserving it.

7. Biolite

Biolite envisions a bright future, fueled by clean, renewable energy. The brand is 100% Climate Neutral Certified (meaning it is accountable for its greenhouse gas emissions) and helps more people around the globe access clean, renewable energy and leave fossil fuels behind.

8. Pale Blue Earth

Pale Blue Earth manufactures rechargeable batteries, which already means less waste. On top of that, the brand also explores reducing waste in packaging and more full-circle sustainability.


9. Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs actively discards less while diverting material from landfills to product lines, which also uses fewer resources. For example, it creates apparel with recycled polyester that reduces greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing.

Celebrate the planet

You can care for and clothe your body and the planet simultaneously. At ExpertVoice, we’re excited to partner with brands that prioritize sustainability. As you browse, keep an eye out for innovative materials and eco-friendly practices that make a difference.

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