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8 big things you might have missed on ExpertVoice

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Looking back at 2023, we were working hard to make the experience better for you, our experts. We wanted to call out some of the big changes we’re excited about in case you missed them:

1. More brands and products

171 new brands joined the platform across 22 categories providing more opportunities to expand your areas of expertise! See what brands you have access to

2. Outlets

Hot off the press, the newest perk of being an expert, several brands now offer an outlet store on ExpertVoice available to all current experts. The outlet is where you’ll find their best deals on closeout products – just use the “outlet” filter and watch for the dedicated treatment when you search for products. More brand outlets are coming in 2024.

3. Always get the best price

The Amazon Deal Alert browser extension for Chrome has helped 5,000 experts realize they could be saving money on ExpertVoice. The deal alert notifies you if a product on Amazon is also available on ExpertVoice so that you always get the best price.

4. Improved checkout options

Apple Pay is now available at checkout as well as the ability to save payment methods, which means you no longer need to re-enter your credit card every time you shop on ExpertVoice (Yippee!). You also may have noticed you can now checkout from multiple brands at once, saving you one more step in the purchase process. And if you aren’t ready to purchase yet, take advantage of the Save for Later feature instead using your cart as a storage locker.

5. Filters, menus and search! 

You asked, we answered – not only is search more accurate (really, you should try it), but additional filters are available throughout the experience to find and sort the products you want. Search by topic, sort by most popular, filter by deals available for friends and family and take advantage of the new navigation menu to more quickly find what you are looking for.

6. Share your expert benefits

It’s easier than ever to invite qualified experts to join the platform-  just visit the experts tab and click “Refer an Expert”– you can even suggest an affiliation that will help them qualify for their benefits.

7. More helpful UGC

Everyone loves seeing pictures of experts in action, but it’s even better when you know what products they are using. Now you can tag not only the brand but also the exact product you were using when you share your latest experiences on ExpertVoice.

8. Flash Deals

Everyone loves a bargain! Flash Deals feature brands and products every week that are available to EVERY EXPERT at an exclusive discount for one week only. Keep your eyes open for email or text updates (opt in to text message alerts here) so that you don’t miss the next big deal from brands like Garmin, Oakley, Smith, Outdoor Research and more.

 If you made it this far, you just might have some thoughts or input about these new features- or what you’d like to see next. We’d love to hear about it.

What would you like to see next?

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