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How to learn and shop on ExpertVoice

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ExpertVoice connects brands with retail and industry professionals, allowing the brands to engage with verified experts and offer them exclusive opportunities to learn more about their products, purchase them at discounted prices, and receive expert feedback through product reviews.

Check out this quick-start guide and discover just how easy it is to learn and shop on ExpertVoice. Not already a member of ExpertVoice? See if you qualify as an expert — whether it be through your profession or your hobbies — and earn discounts up to 60% off as you learn from your favorite brands.

Use ExpertVoice to find brands you love — and discover new favorites, too

Once you’ve added affiliations on ExpertVoice, you can learn about brands and enjoy the exclusive discounts they share with you.

Each time you log in, you’ll be taken to the ExpertVoice Brands tab. Here you’ll find featured deals, communities you’ve joined and all the brands available to you. Scroll through different categories until you find something that captures your interest. Select any brand to learn more or use the search to find a specific brand.

Learn about brands

Some brands require you to take short lessons to unlock your expert deal. When you select one of those brands, you’ll be directed to a page that shows you the lessons you need to complete. Read through the lessons — and learn some exclusive, behind-the-scenes brand info — and pass a quick quiz (called an Edu-Game) for each one to unlock your discount.

Shop your discount

After your discount is unlocked, you can hop into a brand’s ExpertVoice store to see what products are available. On each product page, you’ll find helpful reviews from experts like you.

Some brands offer these discounts without requiring you to complete a lesson first. Brands may also provide a discount code or encourage you to create a pro account and shop directly on their website.

Enjoy your exclusive access

Your expertise matters. Are you ready to get started? Join ExpertVoice today and get rewarded with brand access and exclusive discounts. Interact with brands you already know and love — and discover some new favorites, too.

Learn and earn exclusive discounts on ExpertVoice.

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