Cellucor - Case Study

ExpertVoice Customer Story

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How Cellucor engaged 25,000 product advocates and saw a 26% sales lift

Sports nutrition brand Cellucor knows sales associates at key retailers act as important influencers, helping consumers wade through the sea of supplement choices. Like many companies, they lean heavily on brand reps to develop these sales associates — and they know the cost and scalability issues, too.


The goals:

  • Improve relationship between sales reps and retail workforce
  • Create knowledgeable, passionate product advocates
  • Grow advocates in specific retailers

The solutions:

  • Foster product advocacy through compelling, custom tailored content
  • Empower retail sales associates with product experiences through product seeding

The results:

  • Cellucor saw a 26% sales lift in retail locations that engaged with the content
  • 25,000 Cellucor advocates have engaged with the content


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The Story

Reps can be invaluable in communicating a brand’s core message, unique insights, and product information, but they can come with limitations, as Cellucor experienced. One of Cellucor’s main frustrations was the sheer volume of retailers compared to the amount of brand reps available. In other words, there just weren’t enough reps to provide one-on-one time with each store. Instead of reps spending visits communicating information to grow their sales, valuable time was spent educating sales associates on basic information they could have gathered on their own.

Cellucor came to ExpertVoice with this problem, and they worked together to create a targeted solution using custom content to arm these retail influencers with both the product experience and the knowledge needed to become powerful brand advocates — in other words, experts. This content provides the solid foundation that reps can then build upon, allowing Cellucor to overcome its cost and scalability issues, and reach more retailers and associates than ever before.

It’s completely automated and it’s scalable. We’re putting ExpertVoice on the front side, and made it mandatory that [brand reps aren’t] flying there until [sales associates] are prepared.

Hagen Panton,
VP Global Retail Development, Cellucor

The initial benchmark for success was 5,000 engaged experts; over 19,000 experts engaged in the first year alone, and the number of engaged is now up to 25,000. How do those numbers equate to sales? ExpertVoice’s award-winning Studios team created visual content so compelling and informative, those retail locations who engaged with the content saw a 26% sales lift.

Now that the framework is in place, the next step is taking these 25,000 experts and leveraging their expertise by gaining valuable insights to improve on their products, and have more impactful marketing campaigns.