Cusa Tea and Coffee Case Study


 Cusa Tea & Coffee Case Study



Product Sampling Campaign

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Cusa Tea & Coffee sees a 539% MoM boost in authentic product reviews on ExpertVoice

Cusa Tea & Coffee's mission is to create convenient beverage options that don't sacrifice quality. Founder and CEO Jim Lamancusa, an avid outdoorsman, was inspired to find a way to enjoy the fresh flavor of loose-leaf tea while out backpacking. He set his sights on developing instant tea that actually tastes good. The technology worked so well, he tried it with coffee. The result was an award-winning, all-natural small-batch craft coffee and tea company made for busy people.

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Cusa partnered with ExpertVoice in June 2022 to launch a limited-time Product Sampling Campaign for their existing product line of Coffee, Tea and Deluxe Flights. 

Cusa Tea & Coffee had robust experience with product sampling; they operate an in-house digital sampling program where customers cover the cost of shipping for their sampling variety pack. However, Cusa relies on customers to discover their brand either organically online, or through social and paid media.

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Collecting product testimonials from an expert audience.

Despite the success of their existing in-house sampling program, Cusa Tea & Coffee wanted to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness with key retail sales associates and industry professionals who already shop and learn on ExpertVoice. 

They wanted the flexibility to sample their products with a trusted audience of everyday industry insiders that would allow them to collect rich, authentic testimonials in return.


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Sampling products, seeing big returns.

Cusa Tea & Coffee launched a Product Sampling Campaign on ExpertVoice targeting a broad audience of retail sales associates and industry professionals. They ran a banner ad on the ExpertVoice site to increase awareness of their sampling program, recruited a target audience of samplers to participate and, with the help of ExpertVoice support, quickly got their campaign up and running. 

Before selecting their samplers, Cusa asked qualifying questions in a custom application. Then, the brand vetted, approved and shipped free products to 348 product samplers across North America using the Campaign Manager in the Advocacy Platform.

This was a far more effective way to collect authentic reviews. It's the most effective way that we could have driven brand awareness. It generated a ton of reviews and content for us - a 10 out of 10 for us."

Jim Lamancusa
Founder and CEO

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The long-term impact of expert-level sampling.

The campaign launched with limited-time messaging and resulted in unprecedented gains for Cusa Tea & Coffee during a nine-week campaign:


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lift on product


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product rating

None of the samplers had ever tried out their products prior to receiving the sample. Results included increased brand awareness, trial and repurchase intent along with a huge influx of authentic consumer reviews and product feedback. 

Not to mention a brand new set of Cusa Tea & coffee advocates out in the world. 


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