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Edge Eyewear Case Study

Edge Eyewear collects “above and beyond content” with ExpertVoice Product Sampling.


Where style meets safety

Noticing a need for an eyewear brand that embodies both style and safety — Edge Eyewear was born in 1998. Edge prides itself on designing and delivering dependable, protective performance eyewear. Their affordable glasses promise uncompromising features, indestructible construction and advanced lens technologies. Edge Eyewear turned to ExpertVoice to increase awareness of their new outdoor product line of durable polarized sunglasses. The brand implemented a custom Product Sampling Campaign as part of its E‑commerce Advocacy strategy — sampling free sunglasses to a core group of industry experts in exchange for their reviews and UGC.


Launching a new line “built for more”

Edge is known for creating high-performing, safety and tactical eyewear but wanted to make its sunglasses more accessible to everyday adventurers. While staying true to its roots, the brand launched a new Outdoor Eyewear line in 2022 and expanded its focus on a new category — making Edge’s products more accessible to people outside the safety and tactical world. The new line was built for more, but they needed a way to get more people bought in. The brand was looking to get the word out about its new line and differentiate itself in a saturated outdoor and lifestyle glasses market.

We wanted to build anticipation and boost that confidence."

Nicholas Sells
Edge Eyewear Digital Specialist


Collecting comprehensive reviews

To build buzz around their new line, Edge launched a Product Sampling Campaign on ExpertVoice. They found a select group of samplers with a custom application, excited to try their products in various outdoor activities, from hunting and fishing to camping and cycling. After reviewing roughly 300 applicants, Edge Eyewear hand-picked which lucky experts would sample one of 8 products from their Outdoor Eyewear line. Experts had four weeks to put their new pair of sunglasses to the test before sharing an authentic product review and photo online.

We collected comprehensive reviews that provided a really in-depth analysis of our products, which is also super valuable from an internal perspective for our product development team."

Nicholas Sells
Edge Eyewear Digital Specialist

Throughout the sampling campaign, experts were reminded to complete their content-sharing activities through personalized automated emails. Edge could monitor their campaign results and track engagement all within the Advocacy Platform. Edge also enabled Yotpo Syndication to display a continuous stream of fresh, authentic reviews across their product pages. These in-depth reviews boosted purchase confidence and grew review volume on EdgeEyewear.com.


Enhancing the e‑commerce experience with expert content

Throughout the nine-week campaign, Edge Eyewear saw some exciting results. They collected a huge influx of reviews from their target audience, boosting brand awareness and collecting product feedback for the new line at scale. Beyond collecting thorough reviews and UGC to display across their e‑commerce pages, Edge also connected with exceptional content creators they plan to continue collaborating with on future social campaigns. Take Lucus Spencer, for example — his video took product review to a whole new level.

Lucas did this awesome video. It kind of made us sit back and think about what the next iteration of this could look like. Anytime we could get someone who's stoked enough to leave a cool video — let’s engage with them more."

Nicholas Sells
Edge Eyewear Digital Specialist

Results at a glance:

8 different products sampled to credentialed industry insiders – many of which were new to Edge's products before participating in their sampling campaign on ExpertVoice.

144 photos published that the brand can now repurpose across its marketing channels.

128 product reviews collected on ExpertVoice and syndicated to EdgeEyewear.com.

Product Sampling, and ExpertVoice in general, does everything it’s supposed to do for us and sometimes even does it better. The content is so above and beyond."

Nicholas Sells
Edge Eyewear Digital Specialist

Edge is already underway planning its next Product Sampling Campaign with ExpertVoice, this time expanding to different audiences and incorporating posting content to social media channels.

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