OtterBox - Case Study

Learn how OtterBox leveraged the power of experts to diversify product lines and cross-sell into new industries.

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As a leading brand in mobile accessories, OtterBox diversified their product line to cross-sell in the outdoor industry.

Competing with big brands in a highly saturated market, OtterBox looked to ExpertVoice to increase awareness, build brand perception and drive sales.

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OtterBox expanded their targeting to include outdoor experts who could convey their message and the value of OtterBox products to consumers in the outdoor industry.

After achieving success focusing on tech experts, OtterBox ramped up their partnership with ExpertVoice to include outdoor experts as well. By targeting retail associates and professionals in the outdoor industry, OtterBox was able to break into the new market through the people consumers trust for buying advice.



OtterBox expanded their targeted audience

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Improve and Increase

Improve and increase

This inclusion of outdoor experts led to 62 percent lift in engagement and 58 percent increase in product orders. By engaging with OtterBox content and experiencing the products firsthand, the quantity and quality of these expert recommendations became even more impactful.

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The Results

2016 — 2018

growth in expert engagement
increase in unique experts ordering products
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lift in order dollars
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Put to work

When entering a new market, brands often focus primarily on increasing awareness.

While building awareness was an important part of their strategy, OtterBox’s partnership with ExpertVoice included more than just helping consumers become aware of their new products.

The in-depth product education and experiences empowered these influential experts to become OtterBox advocates, giving them the confidence and knowledge they needed to make authentic, informed recommendations — recommendations that lead to full-price purchases.



Content created to educate experts about new products.


Product Seeding

Experts received OtterBox products for in-hand experience.

Don’t leave product recommendations to chance.

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