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How Reynolds used expert insights to guide a brand pivot

Reynolds Cycling designs, engineers, and manufactures high-end carbon fiber bicycle wheels. When the company wanted to reposition the brand, they knew insights from experienced cyclists would be valuable in informing their business strategy. ExpertVoice's large network of cycling experts provided the perfect solution to help Reynolds gain a deeper understanding of how cyclists feel about the brand and inform their path forward.




Gain deeper understanding of brand sentiment


Reposition the Reynolds brand perception


Use expert insights to inform path forward to market expansion


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Use insights from survey to direct the upcoming Reynolds content launch and product seeding

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Survey experts regarding intent to upgrade wheels, Reynolds’ brand perception, and more

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Use survey results to tailor the Reynolds brand talking points


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Gained 852 survey responses from experts in less than one week

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64% of these experts were likely to upgrade their wheels after a bike purchase.

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Reynolds pinpointed a possible pricepoint to aim for based on expert responses

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Validated aspects of Reynolds’ current market strategy for 2018

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The Story

As Reynolds was working towards repositioning their brand, they wanted to gauge current brand and product sentiment. Reynolds teamed up with ExpertVoice and its network of cycling experts, to tap into their knowledge and expertise.

ExpertVoice crafted a survey on the key points for insight. The initial goal was 200 responses, but 852 responses were gathered in only six days. The responses helped inform Reynolds’ go-to market strategy, helped improve their customer segmentation strategy, and helped pinpoint a price target for their brand.

In fact, survey responses revealed a stronger market perception among these bike experts than Reynolds had expected based on their own anecdotal evidence, especially when compared to their largest competitor.

With these insights Reynolds was able to shape their marketplace message, refocus their content, and move forward with a validated go-to-market strategy for 2018. A deeper understanding of brand perception gives Reynolds what they need to successfully inform future brand sentiment with tailored content — and therefore give experts the content they need to amplify their recommendations directly to consumers.