Sell-through Case Study

Sell-through - Case Study

Learn how Arc'teryx, MegaFood and Cellucor boosted sell-through by scaling educated recommendations.

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The Background

These brands increased sell-through 23% with ExpertVoice

Retail sales associates impact purchasing decisions. That’s why it’s crucial to provide them with the knowledge and experience they need to succeed on the sales floor. These brands empowered retail experts with product education and experiences to elevate their recommendations — and increase sales.
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The Solution


Provide retail sales associates with an in-depth look at brand history, innovations and products


Product Seeding

Give them the opportunity to experience products firsthand through compelling discounts



Compare sales data of non-engaged retail locations with engaged locations to identify the impact of education and seeding through ExpertVoice

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The Results


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The better retail sales associates are at talking about your brand, the better your brand performs

ExpertVoice has been helping brands sell more products through
trusted, expert recommendations since 2004. The sell-through improvement for Arc'teryx, MegaFood and Cellucor is just a snapshot of what ExpertVoice does for its brand partners.

“We know that if somebody uses the product and has had a chance to see the quality and functionality, they will be advocates for it. It’s why we work with ExpertVoice.”


- Kent Hawkins, Channel Marketing Manager, Americas, Arc’teryx

Don’t leave product recommendations to chance.

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