How Silva Unleashed a 263% Sales Jump

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SILVA unleashes a 263% sales jump with educational content campaign on ExpertVoice

Since its 1933 founding in Sweden, SILVA has invented and sold reliable outdoor products — from the world’s first liquid-filled compass to “Intelligent Light” headlamps — that allow people to trek “anywhere they want, at any time of day, and in any conditions.” Driven by an insatiable desire to invent better ways to tackle the challenges of orienteering and exploring, SILVA has grown beyond the European market to become an emerging brand in North America. But such innovative products require the right medium for educating consumers on exactly what makes them exceptional.


SILVA wanted to increase their brand awareness with a target demographic in the North American market. They began by providing experts who worked at key retailers and in desired industry jobs with first-hand product experience through a product seeding campaign on ExpertVoice. However, with a key product launch looming, they needed a better way to communicate the innovative solutions of their new, cutting-edge Trail Runner Free Headlamp to their core audience — beyond the information shared on a product detail page.


SILVA built a rich educational content campaign to provide experts a more impressive and informative introduction to the Trail Runner Free Headlamp. The campaign launched with limited-time messaging and resulted in unprecedented gains for SILVA during the first two months of their campaign, compared to the prior two months.


The Results

Campaign ROI
increase in visitors
increase in experts experiencing their products
increase in total sales ($)

The Story

SILVA knew it needed a more content-rich experience to convey the advantages of its newest, innovative headlamp, and ExpertVoice provided them with the solutions needed to make this a reality. At the campaign launch, in order to access deep product discounts, experts watched a product video and took a quiz to improve knowledge retention. The campaign was also featured in a bi-weekly newsletter and in the ExpertVoice “New” feed. The campaign’s impact on engagement, orders, and sales was unmissable. 81% more experts visited and were attracted to the educational content and 173% more experts converted into sales. The resulting word of mouth from this initial wave continued to lift sales into the new year, well over the previous year’s figures. Educational campaigns on ExpertVoice have a tremendous impact on increasing the number of experts recommending your brand and products.

ExpertVoice’s audience reach and brand
engagement opportunities gave us great
data to be able to analyze the success of this
campaign. Specifically, our new Edu-Game
gave consumers the opportunity to learn
about who SILVA is and what makes our
products stand out from our competitors.

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