WÜSTHOF - Case Study

How WUSTHOF increased sales 3.5x by empowering its retail influencers

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WUSTHOF is no stranger to expertise. As a brand that has created knives for over 200 years, WUSTHOF’s product lines seek to exemplify its three core values of passion, diligence, and perfection. Because the retail climate has changed through the last 200 years, many of the people selling WUSTHOF products in retail locations aren’t as familiar with WUSTHOF’s rich history and precision.


  • Increase sell through
  • Refine product knowledge training
  • Build brand awareness
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The Results
Stores that engaged saw
times increase in sales vs. stores that did not.
One campaign saw
product conversations from just 145 engaged experts
experts engaged in new content
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The Story

ExpertVoice provides the resources associates need

Recognizing how important these retail associates are (and the influence they wield), WUSTHOF worked with ExpertVoice to give these individuals exactly what they need when assisting consumers looking to buy these premium knives and other kitchen accessories.

The key to engaging these savvy housewares experts lies within ExpertVoice's award-winning Studios team and the beautiful, custom content that served to turn retail sales associates into WUSTHOF product advocates.


Kitchen and BBQ Tools are a new category for us, so our retailers didn’t have the same background knowledge they would for something like a new knife. It gives the sales associates a lot of great talking points to help them sell."

- Lauren Soules, Sales Coordinator, Wusthof

In just one campaign, the 145 experts who engaged with the content had 5,510 product conversations with consumers that were better informed, leading to more credible recommendations. And over 10,000 experts have engaged with the most recent WUSTHOF content focused on WUSTHOF’s new kitchen accessories, including their line of BBQ tools. By providing valuable product information and experiences, WUSTHOF doesn’t need to leave anything to chance — they’re empowering the experts who directly impact the decisions product-seeking consumers make.