Adidas shapes the future of customer experience with digital

Adidas shapes the future of customer experience with digital

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Digital disruption has had ripple effects on brick-and-mortar retail. That’s no secret. But the store is far from dead. Over 90% of retail sales are still happening in the physical store according to a 2017 Census Bureau Analysis. To help you navigate this ever-changing retail landscape, check out this brick-and-mortal survival guide. Adidas is an example of a brand that's doing it right.

Adidas is a brand that has used digital within its unique and interesting ways to deliver powerful customer experiences.


Customer experience is king

In the last few years, Adidas has become a leader in leveraging digital channels to promote and sell their products. They’ve become a top brand by harnessing various innovative ways to incorporate digital technology into their overall marketing strategy. Joseph Godsey, VP of Digital Strategy and Delivery at Adidas, outlined the three key channels that Adidas relies on to drive its digital presence.

First, the company understands that online messaging can be tailored to match the passions of any individual consumer. This allows them to unify their messaging throughout a consumer’s buying experience.

Second, Adidas doubles down on their consumer focus by labeling them a “creator consumer.” A creator consumer is someone who wants to take part in the creation of brand content rather than be a passive recipient. From focus groups to online reviews, Adidas ensures that their customers are heard and their voices impact brand strategy.

Finally, Adidas uses technology to fuse a customer’s online and offline experiences. They’ve improved the current buying journey by launching Adidas Confirmed, an app that lets consumers reserve products to pick up in store and leave reviews. They’ve innovated by creating Glitch, a football cleat that can only be purchased through a dedicated app. In every facet of their digital strategy, Adidas aims to put the consumer’s needs first while pushing the envelope of what’s possible.


Consumers are the new influencers

Adidas’ use of social media is a particularly inspirational piece of digital strategy. Specifically, Adidas created separate Instagram and Twitter accounts to highlight the contributions of their influencers and customers called Adidas Originals. Interestingly, these accounts actually have more followers than the main accounts.

Under the banner “We Are Originals,” Adidas promotes user-generated content. It also showcases unique partnerships with Instagram influencers. By creating content and messaging for each influencer they partner with, Adidas is able to foster a more genuine relationship between the brand, the influencer, and their followers.


Compete with convenience: consumers want more ways to save time and money

Adidas, however, isn’t the only innovator out there. The consumer buying journey is changing. And all over the retail world, brands are working hard to keep up.

Apple uses technology to eliminate one of the worst parts of in-store shopping: a long checkout line. All Apple Store employees are equipped to handle transactions remotely on their mobile devices, improving a customer’s experience by letting them pay for their product immediately after they have decided to purchase it.

Walmart, too, is rendering checkout lines obsolete with their new Scan & Go app. Using the app, customers can scan items as they shop before paying over mobile and walking out the door.

Finally, U.K.-based retailer Tesco has developed technology to make sure customers never again wander the aisles in a vain search for what they need. Their new endless aisle allows customers to browse and purchase items in-store on a single screen without having to hunt all over the store.

According to a survey featuring 500 consumers, modern shoppers are demanding personalized and convenient buying experiences both in-store and online. For brands to become and stay relevant, they need to leverage the numerous digital capabilities on-hand. Whether these capabilities impact brick-and-mortar or unify the online and in-person buying experiences, brands must continue to innovate and improve the consumer buying journey.

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Eric Calderon , Sr. Manager, Demand Generation

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