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2023 recap: Highlights from three ExpertVoice product focus areas

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As we welcome in 2024, we’re breaking out the confetti and recapping three release themes that benefited ExpertVoice brands in 2023. The goal of each? To help brands scale and grow their businesses by getting their products into the hands of trusted expert audiences. 

Let’s reflect on three major enhancement areas for brand partners this year:

1. Activating experts to meet your business needs

Brands trust ExpertVoice to support them throughout the consumer buying journey, from initial product discovery to the final decision and purchase. With communities and seven different campaign types available, from education to product sampling, there are countless ways to activate different audiences within the platform. Here are three highlights developed in 2023 to help brands succeed and grow.

Notifications for community members: Is your brand running a community on ExpertVoice? If so, campaigns targeting members-only are now pinned to the community’s front page so that they can quickly discover what’s new, and you can send off-platform push notifications. Learn more here.

Retail Activation Campaigns: Looking to boost engagement and retail sell-through? Partner with a leading retailer you sell into to increase brand awareness and equip sales associates with the information they need to talk about your brand and drive sales. You provide education and incentives while the retailer promotes the campaign. Learn more here.

Custom URL to invite experts: Brands can invite qualified members to the ExpertVoice network through a unique URL in the Advocacy Platform. Referrals through the custom URL feel more personal and on-brand when shared with people in or outside your network. Tip – the URL typically looks like this: www.expertvoice.com/brand/YOURBRAND.

2. New ways to get products into the hands of experts

Flash Deals: Brands can offer a limited-time promotion with deeply discounted products for the entire ExpertVoice audience. Flash Deals are ideal for brands with excess overstock or who want the spotlight for a new product launch. Learn more about Flash Deals.

Brand Outlet Store (Beta): Brands can sell overstocked inventory before liquidation at a more effective margin than a typical liquidation and wholesale alternatives – all within the gated and trusted audience on ExpertVoice. The outlet is an always-on sell-through solution. Learn more here.

3. Building your brand reputation

Share assets directly from your marketing team: With Document Lessons, you can provide experts with even more helpful product information using PDFs. Share more with your expert audiences – from the latest product catalog to talking points for retail sales employees. Then, launch the lesson within a new Education Campaign directly from the Advocacy Platform.

Untag any user-generated content not on-brand: Did an expert accidentally tag your brand in a photo on ExpertVoice? Now, you can control what images populate the photo gallery of your ExpertVoice brand page. Simply visit the Content Manager in the Advocacy Platform and right-click the photo to untag your brand. Feel more at ease knowing your ExpertVoice page is on-brand.

In 2024, ExpertVoice will continue enhancing the platform to help brands across industries grow their business with experts. We’re excited to see all of the new ways brands plan to reach and engage experts in the upcoming year, and we look forward to making ExpertVoice an even more valuable place for the experts researching, recommending and representing your brand. For future platform updates, join our community on the ExpertVoice Exchange Business Community for weekly posts, or contact your ExpertVoice team for more information.

For more information on what’s new, contact your Account Executive or explore the Resource Hub.

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