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Introducing: ExpertVoice Flash Deals

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Looking for a powerful tool to boost your brand’s sell-through and reach a wider audience of industry insiders? Look no further than ExpertVoice Flash Deals. This new offering allows you to engage with experts and supercharge your sales during a one-week promotion on ExpertVoice. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exciting offering of ExpertVoice Flash Deals, exploring what they are, their benefits for participating brands and the impressive results we’ve already seen. Let’s dive in. 

What is an ExpertVoice Flash Deal?

A Flash Deal is a 7-day promotional event that enables brands to generate brand awareness, clear product inventory, support product releases and ultimately drive revenue by offering products at a deep discount to ExpertVoice’s high-value audience. It’s an opportunity to tap into a network of over 850,000 industry insiders who are eager to discover new products and share their experiences with others. By participating in a Flash Deal, brands can seize the chance to create a buzz around their offerings and drive sales like never before.

What are the biggest benefits for participating brands?

When it comes to Flash Deals, the benefits are abundant. Let’s explore some of the key advantages that brands can expect to see: 

  • Build brand awareness across the broader ExpertVoice audience of over 850K industry insiders.
  • Support products throughout the entire life cycle to promote early adoption, boost and maintain in-market momentum and reduce inventory end of the season.
  • Discover new market opportunities by showcasing your products to a diverse audience of industry professionals.
  • Gather fresh UGC and reviews to support sales where inventory is still available in the market.
  • Keep excess inventory out of traditional discount channels by offering it to target audiences on ExpertVoice.

Early results show strong ROI for brands 

The proof is in the numbers — early results from Flash Deals demonstrate the incredible return on investment that brands can achieve. Here are some key statistics that highlight the success of this offering:

These impressive figures speak volumes about the effectiveness of Flash Deals in driving sales and captivating the attention of industry insiders. Participating brands have witnessed significant increases in their sales performance, thanks to the power of this unique promotion.

Drive results in average order volume (AOV) and post-deal sales

Flash Deals not only generate a surge in sales during the promotion but also leave a lasting impact on your brand’s performance. Here’s how they drive results beyond the deal:

  • Flash deals drive overall brand lift: During the Flash Deal, the promoted products accounted for only 44% of the total order volume. This indicates that customers were purchasing discounted items and exploring and buying other products from the brand. 
  • Continued lift post-flash deal: The success doesn’t end with the conclusion of the Flash Deal. Participating brands have experienced an average sales increase of 15% following the promotion compared to the period prior to the deal. This sustained lift underscores the long-term benefits that Flash Deals offer in terms of brand growth and sales performance.

* Note: Data pulled from the 17 flash deals run from 2/21/23 – 6/17/23.

Promote your Flash Deal far and wide 

When your Flash Deal goes live, you can rely on our team to promote your deal both on and off our platform. We’ll run the promotions to be sure we’re getting expert eyes on your limited-time sale  — with email, text, push notifications, social posts and more — to ensure we’re hitting your target audience wherever they look for the next best deal. 

Audiences are hungry for more limited-time deals 

With 98% of ExpertVoice members polled expressing their enthusiasm for more Flash Deals, it’s clear that this offering has struck a chord with our consumer audience. Additionally, the current consumer trend of seeking deals to counter increasing prices and the looming economic downturn has led to a surge in popularity for flash sale formats like this. The early results speak for themselves, and the potential impact for brands is immense.

Ready to get started with Flash Deals?

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