In the Ad Blocking Economy, Influencer Marketing Wins

In the Ad Blocking Economy, Influencer Marketing Wins

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Think about a time you were traveling for work or a friend came to visit and you needed a recommendation for a good restaurant. Did you ask friends or family for recommendations? Did you jump on your phone to research what’s nearby? You probably opted for one of those options versus eating at a place you saw in an advertisement.

With trust and authenticity in our personal relationships, it’s no surprise that a Nielsen study found 83% of people agree recommendations from friends and family are the most credible form of advertising. This solidifies word-of-mouth marketing as the number one tactic for brands to reach consumers (MediaPost). In an ad blocking economy, the trust and authenticity in influencer marketing wins.

State of Ad Blocking

Consumers are tired of seeing ads and being interrupted by popups as they read information on the Internet. While nonintrusive type of advertisements still work, it’s getting harder for brands to reach their customers because of advancements in ad blocking technology. One strategic approach to maximizing word-of-mouth marketing and working around ad blocking is running targeted, trustworthy and compelling influencer marketing campaigns.

Winning with Influencer Marketing

While you don’t necessarily need to be on all digital channels, you do need to research and decide which channels will deliver the highest ROI. For example, Instagram is useful for selling via powerful imagery and Facebook is useful for advanced targeting capabilities. Align the right influencer, platform(s) and message for a winning combination.

Regardless of where you distribute your campaign, focus your efforts on recruiting an influencer who has the ability to craft and deliver an authentic message for your brand. Influencers are a great way to build trust with your target audience if you’ve done your homework upfront.

Taking Action

Combat ad blocking with influencer marketing through organic reach and sharing opportunities. The best part about running influencer campaigns is that you’re targeting people who’ve already expressed interest in the type of content the influencer is sharing. You’re reaching people who have subscribed, followed or actively sought out that particular content because they want authentic recommendations. Also worth noting, providing education and information that loyal consumers are looking for can result in higher conversion rates.


Ad blocking isn’t slowing anytime soon, so it’s best you collaborate with your team to begin incorporating authentic marketing as part of your digital strategy. Brands are flocking to influencer marketing because it’s worth the investment, helps them reach new audiences and is an effective way to overcome ad blocking.

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Katie Carlson , Contributing Author

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