Expert Stories: Cedric

Expert Stories: Cedric

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Growing up, I spent most of my time running wild with my friends – exploring the outdoors and climbing everything from trees to buildings. I lost that carefree childhood attitude when my parents separated and I had to move away. The changes were difficult for me and I chose to stay indoors, by myself.

I spent most of my time hiding behind video games, so I didn’t discover indoor climbing until I was a college intern. A few of my colleagues convinced me to join them at the climbing gym and it was during that initiation class that I knew I was in the right place – it just felt meant to be.

Expert story: Cedric climbing

Climbing changed my life the moment I scrambledup my first route. It was the only sport that gave me a sense of fulfillment, excelling, and victory. My childhood excitement had returned and after only a year of harnessing up, I decided to make my hobby my living. I became a certified outdoor guide and two years later enrolled in an outdoor intervention program. I also joined the regional’s mountain club, the Club de Montagne du Saguenay.

Climbing is different from other sports because you’re competing with yourself – every time you’re on the wall, you’re pushing your limits and learning a lot about yourself along the way. When it seems impossible and you pledge your time, energy and motivation to achieve your goal, that’s when you understand what you’re truly capable of.

Expert story: Cedric ice climbing

I’m proud to be the president of the CMS, to be starting my own climbing school, Parcours Aventures, and continuing to look for ways to promote the sport in Quebec. The community, the places you discover, the people you meet, the shared passion for the sport – those are the reasons I love to climb, but my favorite part is helping someone realize what I did so many years ago – that climbing can help you overcome your fears, build your confidence and become a better version of yourself.

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Cedric Gaudry , Outdoor Expert
Parcours Aventures

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