Experticity is now ExpertVoice

Experticity is now ExpertVoice

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Since we first opened shop more than a decade ago, we’ve focused on helping brands drive sales through more widespread, better recommendations.

Through the years you may have known us as 3point5, where we focused on improving the performance of retail sales associates, or as ProMotive, where we provided influential pros with exclusive access to products, or as ReadyPulse, where we powered authentic ambassador programs. We brought each of these together under the name Experticity, and grew our community to more than 1 million of the experts consumers seek out for trusted recommendations.

Today more than ever, with so much choice and confusion about what to buy, consumers need voices they can trust — and brands need trusted voices speaking on their behalf. Informed, experienced experts are the best resource to help consumers decide what to buy, and they’re sought out by consumers who are ready to make a purchase — at the most critical parts of the buying journey.

Now, as ExpertVoice, we’re doubling down on what has always been our mission: elevating the expert voices that help brands grow and help consumers make better buying decisions.

While the name Experticity will be missed (yes, even all of those syllables), we’re excited to bring clarity to our name and our mission. Welcome to ExpertVoice.


Written By

Tom Stockham , CEO

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