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As a brand manager you know how to connect and engage with your customers—from brand awareness to brand loyalty. But the reality is that emails sometimes fall flat, brochures get tossed, and retail product placements are less than ideal. You may have increased your brand impressions with influencer marketing, but now you want to take it to the next level. 

What you need is a genuine connection—a method to increase your organic brand interactions that ultimately leads to increased sales, loyalty, recommendations, and referrals. What you need is an authentic guide, someone who is with your customers at every touch point. 

You need experts. 

Experts not only provide high-quality recommendations that go beyond a simple review, they have real-world experience, passion, and (most importantly) love to share with others. In fact, experts have 15 times more buying conversations than the average consumer each week. They generate energy and excitement as they relay personal, powerful messages that resonate with buyers, leading to an increase in brand awareness, engagement, and beyond. 

ExpertVoice has created a community of over 1,000,000 vetted experts who share 10,000 reviews and images every week. Let us introduce you to a few of them.  

Alex Tufail, member since 2015

  • Navy Veteran
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Climbing Enthusiast 

After completing his time in the Navy, Alex took a job as an investment banker, but soon found himself facing an emotional battle and knew he needed a change—a big change. He left his job and house to move to Arizona and focus full-time as a Grand Canyon Hiking and Backpacking guide. He has since earned certifications with American Mountain Guides Association, American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education, and Leave No Trace. 

Alex is committed to outdoor adventure, but his true passion is shining a light on Veteran suicide and putting an end to it. “As I continue my mission of Expedition You Are Not Alone, I will continue to climb, ride, and represent the companies and organizations that have helped me get to where I am along my mission. Thank you all for your support, love, and commitment to my commitment to helping Veterans and our Heroes get to the resources they need to end suicide within our communities.”

Stefania Hughes, member since 2018

  • Vacation Sales Counselor
  • Retail Employee
  • Travel Enthusiast 

Stefania has a passion for all things beauty and traveling. “What makes me an expert is the love and dedication that I hold for both.” She grew up doing hair and turned it into a passion that has transformed into an expertise through her hard work and dedication. Stefania has also worked at one of the best travel destinations in the world, Universal Orlando, which has no doubt allowed her to interact with thousands of travelers and provide her expert recommendations. Her passion and energy radiate because of her love for people, “I love to help individuals and guide them to good decisions for both categories.”

Matthew Kou, member since 2013

  • Spartan Trifecta Finisher
  • Professional Photographer
  • Fitness & Training Expert


When hobbies grow into passions and passions blend with professions, it leads to a life full of adventure. Matthew grew up thriving on road trips, camping, hiking, and all things outdoors. He admits to developing an insatiable appetite for learning new skills, “Whether it was hunting, fishing, or photography, shooting sports, fitness, obstacle course racing. Doesn’t matter. I want to try it. I want to see if I can master it.” 

And it works. As he masters new skills, some have even developed into professions, including photography. He’s a proven expert at the top 5% in three categories: Tactical, Hike, and Camping—not to mention a top 10% expert in Fitness & Training. 

Amy Parulis, member since 2013

  • ExpertVoice VIP since 2019
  • The Pro’s Closet Retail Employee
  • Summited Mt. St. Helens, 2008


Always the adventurer, Amy’s happy place is anywhere outdoors. She’s currently on a quest to visit as many National Parks as possible, with eleven so far including Mt. Rainier and Grand Teton. But it’s not all about National Parks, she’s also completed all 48 of the New Hampshire 4,000 footers with her dad, and has summited Mount St. Helens in Washington, South Sister in Oregon, and Mt. Superior in Utah. And when she’s not reaching new heights on foot, you can find her on a bike riding any race she can, including the Ride to OR which took her from Steamboat Springs, CO to Denver by way of Rocky Mountain National Park—time to check that one off the list too! 

But for Amy, it’s not all about being outdoors on her own, “I want to encourage others to get outside and see the benefits of Mother Nature. Fresh air, exercise, and the ability to clear your mind of everyday stresses is what leads me to the outdoors.” 


These genuine experts (and a million more) are here to connect with brands in their wheelhouse. As they earn affiliations, they learn how to help customers through at every step. Whether it’s online through e-commerce, social media, and product reviews, in a retail setting at the point of sale, or out in the field where the action happens, they will engage with your customers in a thoughtful, meaningful way. 

From their experienced voices, your customers will find an authenticity they can’t get from seeing an ad online or driving by a billboard. This is advocacy marketing. It not only works for our brands, but experts find satisfaction and fulfillment and customers find exactly what they need while feeling confident knowing their purchase was recommended by a true expert. That’s a win, win, win. 

We’ll help you find your experts, and then help you educate and empower them about your brand. You might allow behind-the-scenes access to your brand, seed products to try, or talk to them one-on-one. Whatever you do, your account manager will create a completely custom experience to fit your needs. 

But first, let’s work on getting you some experts.

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