Month in a Minute: 10 marketing stories from around the web we think you’ll love

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September 2018: advocacy marketing posts from around the web


Every day there are more than 3 million blogs posts created, more than 4 million hours of content uploaded to YouTube and well north of 5 billion Google searches. With our Marketing Month in a Minute series we save you from the bottomless pit of the Internet and serve you up 10 stories from recent weeks that we think you’ll love.


  1. Beats takes over as official sponsor of the NBA
  2. Nike revives “Just Do It” with a bang
  3. Does where you shop matter just as much as what you buy?
  4. Is educating retail associates really about providing good customer service?
  5. J.Crew partners up with Amazon on new storefront
  6. Outdoor brands revolt against Walmart’s online gear shop
  7. Should the Leave No Trace principle include leave no digital trace?
  8. Does consumer loyalty lie in the products themselves or the shopping experience?
  9. Could Amer Sports ownership be heading to the Far East?
  10. BarkBox experiments new retail concept with BarkPark
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Connor Jones , Sr. Manager of PR and Communications

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