New Report in Analytics: Recommendations Over Time

Recommendations Over Time Report

What it is: This report shows brands the total number of unique experts recommending your products and the total number of product recommendations published overtime on ExpertVoice.

  • The data is segmented by the color of the recommendations' Net Promoter Score, a 0 to 10 rating selected by the expert. 
  • You can apply filters to identify recommendations for individual products, product categories, those from verified product owners, and more.

Why it matters: The bar graph report provides you an effective, high-level visual of when experts publish recommendations about your products, how many experts publish recommendations, and how they rate your products. You can easily compare the data by month, and see how recommendations are distributed throughout the year. The data helps you recognize patterns and trends easily.

Where you can find it: In the Advocacy Platform click Analytics. Then click “Add Reports to Dashboard”, scroll to the Recommendations Over Time report, and drag it to your dashboard.

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