Using UGC to Strengthen Brand Engagement

Using UGC to Strengthen Brand Engagement

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Most brands don’t realize the value of user-generated content (UGC), or they’re aware of the benefits, but don’t know how to implement a strategy around UGC. There’s a reason this is one of the hottest topics in content marketing right now. It’s one marketing approach that holds substantial advantages and very few disadvantages.

Millennials are especially drawn to UGC because they want to know what their peers are wearing, doing and recommending. This type of influence has the power to increase brand engagement and sway purchasing behavior.

Build Community

UGC creates an emotional and authentic connection between a brand and their followers. This is the kind of content that builds trust. Building a strong community has the potential to be highly profitable, but it’s not always easy to execute. Leverage UGC to host engaging conversations, Q&A sessions and collect product feedback from your audience.

Online Reviews & Testimonials

One of the most valuable outcomes of UGC are online reviews and product testimonials. Highlighting and sharing reviews from your customers and biggest fans will instantly strengthen your brand and reputation. Consumers want to hear evaluations of your products from other consumers who are like them. Generate feedback and reviews from users and turn it into content that benefits your business goals. If strategically rolled out, UGC will help you increase sales, drive engagement and build brand trust.

Powerful Images

Who better to show off your products than the customer? Give your fans a reason to talk about your brand and share what they love about you with their network. These personal recommendations hold more weight and influence purchase decisions more than if a customer were to stumble upon your brand on their own.

Influencer Campaigns

Another way to strengthen your brand using UGC is to invite your social influencers in on the action. Encourage them to deliver your message, and enjoy the perks that come with reaching an entirely new audience on social media. Allow your influencers to experience your product, and then provide general messaging guidelines they can use to share with their networks. Influencer campaigns don’t work unless you do, so be sure to have a plan and structure in place before starting your influencer and blogger outreach.


If implemented correctly, user-generated content will strengthen your brand and increase engagement with your fans online and offline. Start small and do some testing to get an idea of what sticks with your audience and gets them talking. Be proactive and give your users a nudge by providing action based messaging and delivering campaigns that are interactive and shareable. Put the power in your consumer’s hands to show you value their opinions. It’s worth giving up a bit of control to let them spread the word for you.

Written By

Katie Carlson , Contributing Author

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