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I’ll admit it, I’m a nervous dog mom.

When I adopted Penny, the animal shelter informed me she was up-to-date on vaccinations and perfectly healthy. However, worrywart that I am, I still took her to the vet for a second opinion. And of course, I went prepared with more questions than I’ve ever asked my own doctor. Top of the list? What kind of dog food she recommends.

Thankfully our vet is used to overly cautious dog moms, and she indulged my never-ending inquiries. She assured me that the spots on Penny’s gums were completely normal, that her eyes being slightly different colors was nothing to worry about, and that she recommends Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

It’s been 2 years since that first vet visit and not only do I still have the notes I took, I’ve been feeding my girl Hill’s ever since.












Top 5 Things About Hill’s Pet Nutrition

  1. It’s Delicious

Penny’s a picky girl. She turns up her nose at most treats (offending many a Home Depot employee), and refuses to clean up dropped food on the kitchen floor. But this selective eater’s little tail wags with excitement every time she hears me prepping her Hill’s meals. While I can’t say I’ve personally tried the kibble, not only does my pup love it, but every time her doggie friends come visit, they devour her food faster than their owners can stop them; so I’m fairly certain it’s some gangbuster grub.

  1. It’s Pet-Approved

The 180-acre Pet Nutrition Center (PNC) features hundreds of felines and fidos whose sole responsibilities are to eat and play (that sounds like a dream job). When they’re not romping around their majestic playgrounds or resting in their cozy dens, they have the pleasure of testing new foods, helping determine the size, texture, and flavor of the meals pets prefer. With more than 220 veterinarians, food scientists, technicians and Ph.D. nutritionists working together, Hill’s produces pet food that’s natural, delicious, and nutritious — then pet-tested and pet-approved.

  1. They’ve Got Nothing To Hide

Several years ago, there was outrage over video footage that revealed the horrendous conditions of a popular pet food company’s lab. Since that incident, pet owners have become more cognizant about knowing the conditions where their pet’s food is made and tested. With nothing to hide, Hill’s offers tours for journalists and animal activists to get an inside look of where their “pet partners” live and play. Hill’s is one of the only — and one of the most — transparent pet food companies in existence.

  1. They Give Back

Every Hill’s pet food purchase goes toward their Food, Shelter, & Love program that feeds homeless animals in over 800 shelters every day. I’ll always be grateful to the cast of people and brands — like Hill’s — that keep shelter pets (like Penny) healthy and safe while they wait for their forever homes.

  1.  Their Website Is About So Much More

Jam-packed with “all the necessary tools, tips and pet parent resources,” their digital Pet Care Center taught me why Penny rolls in poop, the importance of crate training, and how to prevent and eliminate the “wet dog” smell in my car (a seriously good read).

The site includes everything you need to know about Hill’s history, mission, and nutritional innovation, but I love that it’s also about making life with your pet the best it can be — for both of you. I bookmarked the page and will be sure to check it the next time I have any pet parenting questions or concerns (ie. tomorrow).


Discover more about Hill’s and take a virtual tour of the PNC!


For cuteness reference, here’s a photo of my best gal.


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