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Build advocacy with custom lessons to highlight brand, product and expert stories


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Share your brand story, key product collections or technologies in a  full-screen, responsive design that’s customized to fit your brand’s style. Studios will complete a thorough brand immersion and identify relevant experts to interview, as appropriate, so that you can deliver exclusive, expert-level info to your audience.

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Check out examples of Custom Lessons

Black Diamond

Brand Story

Black Diamond wanted to showcase its illustrious history of designing products for all types of outdoor activity. ExpertVoice interviewed several designers at BD headquarters, and we included their insights in a custom lesson that also allows our experts to give the brand their product feedback.


Product Launch

Klymit wanted to inspire experts to recommend the brand for more types of camping products. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson with an authentic, audio recommendation from a member expert and exclusive insights from Klymit’s product development manager.

Outdoor Research

Product Launch

Outdoor Research wanted to build advocacy among specialty run sales associates as it expands its footprint in the running space. ExpertVoice created this custom lesson about the brand's run apparel and included expert reviews and interviews with a product designer to strengthen the brand's credibility in a new market.


Product Launch

To gather authentic, peer-to-peer insights on Nomatic's new camera bags, ExpertVoice shared products with 3 members who tested and shared their own video reviews and product tips.


Product Launch

Barlean's wanted to drive advocacy for a nutrition product. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson that explains the relative advantages of the product and included custom videos that feature reviews from ExpertVoice members, adding credibility to the brand information. The videos can also be repurposed as social media posts.

Timberland Pro

Brand Advocacy

Timberland Pro wanted to build awareness for its 20-year legacy of making high-quality workwear apparel and footwear. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson with an interactive timeline and exclusive insights from the brand's product design leader.

Patagonia Provisions

Product Knowledge

Patagonia Provisions wanted to build advocacy for its high-quality food products as pantry staples. ExpertVoice built a custom lesson to explain what sets these products apart and share tips for cooking with them at home.


Product Knowledge

Ariat wanted to elevate experts’ trusted recommendations and help the audience discover new products. ExpertVoice curated a list of the brand’s Top Recommended products. This custom lesson also features follow-up interviews with experts to see how their Ariat products have held up since purchase.


Brand Story

Stanley wanted to drive expert advocacy for its iconic, insulated containers. This custom lesson showcases the brand's impressive heritage and the firsthand experience of a member expert who relies on Stanley today for guiding dogsled expeditions in Alaska.


Product Segmentation

Vortex wanted to educate experts about a wide range of products, while leveraging trusted insights from experts' own peers. We used digital recommendations and UGC to help experts decide which Vortex products would best meet their needs. We also collect new expert insights through the use of embedded polls and a UGC collection form. Screen reader support enabled.


Brand Story

Iicebreaker wanted to drive brand advocacy by sharing its inspiring plan to go plastic-free. ExpertVoice brought together a detailed narrative, custom in-page motion graphics and product knowledge to give experts everything they need to know.


Recommendation Gathering

To help our experts find the right products for an activity and inspire their recommendations, we publish a series of Top Recommended Guides. This content is sourced from the recommendations our experts write about products on our platform. At the end of the lesson, experts can search for a product they'd like to recommend and see the latest posts by their peers.


Brand Advocacy

Legion wanted to empower experts to recommend its laptops for gaming. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson that shares what differentiates the brand in this space and included gamified elements to encourage active learning.


Product Launch

Boiron wanted to empower retail associates to broach what can be an awkward topic: digestive discomfort. This custom lesson makes the topic fun and approachable through the use of a travel metaphor and expert tips.

Shameless Pets

Brand Story

Shameless Pets wanted to build brand awareness and drive advocacy. This custom lesson breaks down the brand's key points of difference into easily digestible sections and informative visuals.

Leica Sport Optics

Product Launch

Leica Sport Optics wanted to drive knowledgeable recommendations of a new tech-heavy binocular. ExpertVoice filmed video of an expert using and reviewing the product in the field and designed motion graphics to illustrate how the binocular interacts with your smartphone.

Big Agnes

Product Segmentation

Big Agnes wanted to help experts differentiate and recommend its range of sleeping bags and pads. ExpertVoice interviewed a product designer and curated experts' own UGC for an exclusive, in-depth lesson.


Product Launch

Greenworks wanted to educate retail associates about the advantages of a battery-powered lawn mower over a traditional gas one. This custom lesson gives experts everything they need to know to recommend the Crossover mower line.

Christensen Arms

Brand Advocacy

Christensen Arms wanted to help experts understand what sets the brand apart and make helpful recommendations to consumers. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson with exclusive insights from two Christensen engineers and an activity where experts can share digital recommendations.


Product Launch

AfterShokz wanted to drive advocacy for its next-generation open-ear headphones. We leveraged expert insights from a brand ambassador and a micro video to explain the new technology and the benefits to consumers.

Burt's Bees

Product Knowledge

Burt's Bees wanted to help retail experts recommend a complete lip care system to consumers. This lesson breaks down what differentiates the products and how to layer them together for best results.


Product Launch

To build knowledge of and advocacy for the newest Sunwarrior product, ExpertVoice designed a custom lesson to break down the ingredients, benefits and use cases. The lesson also features an exclusive interview with Sunwarrior's flavorist.


Technology Spotlight

Columbia wanted to empower experts with knowledge of the brand's proprietary technologies for outdoor activities on the trail and on the water. ExpertVoice created an active learning experience where experts get to choose which use case they will learn about first. The design also helps experts segment Columbia's technologies and products.

Always Omega-3s

Category Knowledge

A not-for-profit trade association wanted to provide category education about the health benefits of Omega-3s to empower experts to select an Omega-3 supplement and recommend Omega-3s to others. ExpertVoice created a lesson infused with quiz questions to encourage active learning.

Topo Designs

Brand Story

Topo Designs wanted to build affinity among experts for its design-driven products. We interviewed the brand's CEO to get exclusive insights into the brand's history and approach to aesthetics.


Brand Story

SYNC Performance wanted to expand from its core market of ski racers to a broader audience of recreational skiers. We edited a new video from SYNC footage and educated on key products to recommend to recreational skiers.


Product Launch

Bushnell leveraged a custom lesson to support the launch of a new trail camera, educating retail sales associates about key selling points and responding to their FAQs.


Product Segmentation

ExpertVoice created this interactive custom lesson to help experts organize the MAMMUT product line into winter outdoor kits to recommend to consumers


Brand Story

A popular brand in Europe, Pranarōm wanted to increase brand awareness and build advocacy in the United States. ExpertVoice created three custom lessons to explain what makes Pranarōm the world leader in producing natural essential oils.


Product Launch

e*thirteen wanted to drive knowledgeable recommendations of its first-ever gravel bike wheels. We created a custom lesson, including an in-page motion graphic, to give experts an in-depth look at the new product's features and benefits.

Bianchi/ Safariland

Product Launch

Safariland wanted to help experts understand how its new holster improved on previous models. ExpertVoice interviewed a product designer and included audio clips in an interactive display of the product to incorporate visual and auditory modes of learning.


Product Knowledge

Comvita wanted to inspire experts to make knowledgeable recommendations of its Manuka honey products. This custom lesson and custom video offer exclusive insights and in-depth product education.


Product Knowledge

Lenovo wanted to showcase the innovations in its latest gaming laptops ExpertVoice designed a custom lesson that features exclusive insights from a Lenovo expert and shares in-depth knowledge about this key product.


Product Launch

Carhartt wanted to create excitement for the re-release of a historic outdoor clothing line. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson featuring archival images and content that highlights what remains the same about the iconic jackets and what has improved.

Goal Zero

Product Knowledge

Goal Zero wanted to help experts differentiate and recommend a fairly technical collection of products. ExpertVoice created 7 lessons of in-depth product education to inspire and inform expert recommendations.


Category Knowledge

Medterra wanted to help experts have more knowledgeable conversations with consumers who are considering CBD products. This custom lesson, which includes in-page motion graphics, walks experts through the Do's and Don'ts of CBD.


Brand Story

LifeSeasons wanted to give experts a peek at its backstory and rich history to establish trust before introducing bestselling products in additional lessons. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson that features an exclusive interview with the brand’s founder and highlights key company differentiators.

Pet Nutrition

Recommendation Scenario

Hill's Pet Nutrition wanted to help retail experts select the appropriate product based on a customer's needs. ExpertVoice created a branching recommendation activity that helps experts find a primary and secondary product to recommend.

Vibrant Health

Brand Story

Vibrant Health wanted to inspire advocacy for its brand. ExpertVoice created a lesson that gives experts in-depth knowledge on why to recommend Vibrant Health.


Brand Story

Nuun wanted to boost brand affinity and help experts easily navigate its product line. ExpertVoice designed a custom lesson with exclusive insights from Nuun's CEO and an interactive grid that orients you to the product range.


Brand Knowledge

NOW wanted to help retail associates understand the testing process behind the claims they see on NOW bottles. ExpertVoice created an in-depth lesson that clearly explains how the brand's in house testing procedures work and how they result in a high quality, affordable product.


Product Knowledge

Birkenstock wanted to expand advocacy for its footwear within the specialty run space. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson that explains the benefits of Birkenstock sandals for active recovery and targeted it to experts working in specialty run stores.


Brand Story

Weleda wanted to empower experts to recommend its plant-rich, sustainably sourced skin care products. ExpertVoice created a series of custom lessons for an in-depth look at the brand and its products.


Product Launch

To raise awareness and spark recommendations of Crankbrothers' first-ever line of mountain bike shoes, ExpertVoice created an in-depth lesson to help experts understand what makes these shoes stand apart.


Brand Advocacy

Salomon wanted to inspire advocacy among an elite group of runners in the Bay Area. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson with content designed exclusively for them.

Athlon Optics

Product Launch

Athlon Optics wanted to give experts a first look at its 2023 product line. ExpertVoice captured 4 video interviews at a major trade show and created a custom lesson that outlines what product to recommend based on common use cases.

Brooks Running

Brand story

Brooks Running wanted to build brand affinity through sharing its story and core products. ExpertVoice created an engaging lesson that features in-page motion graphics, a poll, a recommendation activity and an option to upload user-generated content.


Product Knowledge

Crocs wanted to inspire affinity and recommendations for its fun, customizable sandals. ExpertVoice built a custom lesson that features a drag-and-drop activity for customizing Crocs sandals.


Category education

To build expertise in knife care, ExpertVoice asked a member expert to create a series of helpful videos that are featured in this custom lesson for Kershaw.


Product knowledge

TaylorMade wanted to inspire knowledgeable recommendations from retail partners, golf professionals, club fitters and more on a game-changing new product line. ExpertVoice created 7 in-depth custom lessons and incorporated supporting videos from TaylorMade.


Brand Advocacy

Outerknown wanted to inspire brand advocacy and drive informed recommendations. In this custom lesson, experts learn both about the brand's admirable efforts to manufacture sustainability and how these practices are represented in key apparel collections.


Brand Story

KEEN wanted to help experts be more familiar with its story of innovation and environmental responsibility. ExpertVoice created a custom lesson that gives experts a deep dive on KEEN.

Cleveland Golf

Product Knowledge

Cleveland Golf wanted to give experts all the details they need to recommend the right clubs to consumers. This custom lesson hits all the key takeaways.

The Honest Kitchen

Brand Story

The Honest Kitchen wanted to empower experts to explain why their brand is superior to competitors. ExpertVoice created an in-depth custom lesson that breaks down key differentiators.

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