Experts love video

Give your experts a better view of your brand through exclusive,
immersive video content produced by ExpertVoice Studios.

Why video works

Expert's top pick


Enjoy custom lessons
featuring custom video

Preferred learning format


Would rather learn through video
than static content alone

Better retention


Of marketers say video
increases understanding

Multiple video solutions to fit your needs

Micro videos are great at showcasing product key features and benefits within a clean and simple 1 minute video. Just send us the featured product and creative brief and we'll do the rest.

Simplify a complex topic with a 1 minute motion graphics video. Utilize animations, dynamic text and moving graphics to explain how your core technology works, a critical scientific concept or your brand story in a fun, animated style.

Work with our Studios team to produce 3-4 minutes of video content remotely. We'll conduct an interview or help script your lines and supply you with the gear to get quality sound and picture.


Video reviews

Consider curating video from experts for your next Product Sampling Campaign and work with ExpertVoice to edit the best footage into a 1-minute Video Lesson.  

Studio video

Replace 3 lesson minutes with custom video, shot at our Salt Lake City studio. Perfect for documentary-style interviews, scripted content and product beauty shots.

Location video

Replace 3 lesson minutes with custom video shot at a location of your choice. Perfect for capturing lifestyle footage or showing your brand or product in action at a location that makes the most sense.


Trade show video

Partner with ExpertVoice to capture video at SHOT Show and the Outdoor Retailer shows in 2023 and provide experts a behind-the-scenes look at your latest products.

In-page looping animation

Simplify a complex topics with looping animations. Make your lesson more dynamic while providing visuals about how your technology or science works, and emphasize key takeaways in your ExpertVoice lesson.

Post production

Already have video that needs to be edited for ExpertVoice? No problem. ExpertVoice offers post production services to cut video down to size or update messaging. 

Added value of video


Spend less

Our video rates are one-third the price of most competing agencies — with the same or better production quality.


Marketing minded

ExpertVoice can collaborate with your marketing team to develop videos that fit into broader campaigns. 


Share your video

Use your videos outside ExpertVoice — on your website, in organic social media posts and e-commerce product pages.

Video usage limitations

All videos produced by ExpertVoice are cleared to use online in perpetuity for non-broadcast use. So take full advantage and use your videos on your website landing pages, in organic social media posts, and e-commerce product pages.

It's important to note that if you'd like to use your video for broadcast use (this includes online advertising), we will need to expand usage rights for music and voice talent. This may result in additional fees based on usage. If you are considering using your ExpertVoice videos for advertising purposes, we will be happy to broker additional licensing on your behalf.


"It was great being around an actual, professional film crew. They did an amazing job and were total pros."

Drew Axt
Sales and Marketing Manager, Alta Cycling Group

Not your typical video agency

Did you know 72% of surveyed industry insiders would rather learn about brands through video than static content?

Expert stories

"I want to see videos with authentic users presenting quick and relevant tips on specific gear."

Erik Conradson

Product stories

"Product testing videos are really helpful and entertaining. I like to see how the product is better or different."

Wayne Paisley

Brand stories

"I like videos that show how brands are making strides towards better eco-conscious practices"

Carly Mariani

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