Influencer Marketing: The Newest Digital Growth Strategy

Influencer Marketing: The Newest Digital Growth Strategy

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There’s so much noise on the Internet and social media platforms that companies are finding it difficult to be seen and heard. Not only do you need to build fans who love your brand and products online, but you also need to impact shoppers’ purchasing decisions using new and emerging digital marketing tactics.

Intrusive ads that lack authenticity are irritating consumers and they’re fighting back with ad-blockers. Consumers actively seeking out content that adds value. More than ever before, customers want to join the conversation and decide for themselves, or with the help of their friends or families, if a product or service is right for them. Learn why influencer marketing is the newest digital growth strategy that shouldn’t be ignored.

Current State of Marketing & Technology

The shift in digital marketing is obvious for everyone. We’re always connected, whether it’s on our phones or laptops, constantly taking in new information. Technology never stands still. There are new platforms, strategies and best practices distributed to brands and marketers daily. Most of us will admit that it can be challenging to keep up with the latest changes and trends.

Mckinsey predicted that digital marketing spending will account for 50% of the overall marketing budget by 2019. Native advertising and sponsored content is quickly replacing traditional advertising strategies. Consumers want to read reviews and hear opinions from people like them, not the companies pushing products. Many in the business agree that influencer marketing generates better customers compared to other digital advertising avenues. Brands who use influencers to deliver an authentic message and engage their audiences on a regular basis are experiencing positive results.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

  • Relationships are the Foundation

There’s no question that influencer marketing works because of the strong relationships it generates. The success of an influencer marketing campaign depends upon the quality of relationships created between the brand and the influencer and the influencer and their audience.

  • Builds Trust & Authenticity

Building trust with customers and fans is imperative to driving sales. An influencer endorses your brand because they genuinely love what you stand for, which can be lost when blasting out generic advertisements. Brands also gain credibility through influencers, which turns one-time customers into lifelong fans.

  • Relevant, Customized & Targeted

Why influencers? Because they are the ones who understand, interact with and engage with your customers on a daily basis. Relevant, customized and targeted content marketing efforts are possible through influencer marketing programs. It’s a budget-friendly and efficient way for brands to connect with their audience and guarantee the information resonates with them.


Marketing is changing and bringing digital transformations and influencer marketing programs with it. Technology and social media platforms allow you to communicate and engage with your customers like never before. No one can deny, influencer marketing is effective and delivers results. It allows you to reach consumers through trustworthy industry experts and thought leaders.

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Katie Carlson , Contributing Author

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