3 Winning Examples of Social Holiday Marketing Campaigns

3 Winning Examples of Social Holiday Marketing Campaigns

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Holiday marketing is the twinkle in every brand’s eye. It’s the busiest season, and the best time to connect and share with shoppers as they look for inspiration on the perfect holiday gift. Leveraging influencer marketing tactics to generate buzz around your products can not only bring awareness but also increase Q4 sales. Here are a few tips for engaging your most loyal customers—and bringing in new ones—plus examples of brands who have done social holiday marketing right.

Things to remember when engaging your influencers with holiday marketing campaigns:

  • Personalize your holiday influencer campaign to your brand's influencers
  • Create content with a strong call-to-action and easy to share
  • Keep your campaign consistent across all social channels

Nehemiah’s Boogie Wipes Elf on a Shelf

Nehemiah, the parent company of beloved brands such as Boogie Wipes, Downy Wrinkle Releaser and Saline Wipes, tapped into its ambassadors and a very popular sidekick to help them spread the gift of joy by giving folks “100 more reasons to smile.” Ambassadors shared photos of their Elf on a Shelf dolls paired with Nehemiah’s Boogie Wipes. The result: Over 12,000 potential impressions driven by the brand’s most influential and loyal audience. 

JustFab’s Holiday Shoefie Challenge

JustFab's holiday influencer campaign was perfect for competitive people who also have a deep love of shoes. Plus, it also got everyone excited about the upcoming party season. The brand held a contest and offered a holiday goodie bag to five lucky winners who shared a photo of themselves wearing their JustFab holiday shoes. The result: JustFab collected 269 pieces of user-generated content (UGC) to use in their holiday marketing for the rest of the season.

A photo posted by JustFab (@justfabonline) on


A photo posted by JustFab (@justfabonline) on


Fitmark’s ‘Tis the Season

Fitmark was in the spirit of giving and ran a promotion for a free shaker with any purchase of $80 or more. The brand supported their website promotion by asking their highly loyal, highly social influencers to share their holiday deals. The result: Each time the promotion was shared, Fitmark saw 10 referrals to the site. If sharing means caring, then Fitmark fans clearly care a whole lot.

Written By

Samantha Oznowicz , Brand Strategist

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