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Top 10 Nutrition Products Experts Recommend

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Nutrition is a team sport. If your diet doesn’t supply all of the nutrients to support your lifestyle, recruiting a roster of supplements can help cover the gaps.  

Because no one’s diet or lifestyle is quite like yours, no individual supplement routine is identical to another. With this in mind, ExpertVoice gathered expert favorites — and rising stars — across popular supplement categories. 

Protein: Sunwarrior Warrior Blend   

Protein is a staple in sports nutrition. It’s well-known for fueling active lifestyles, supporting recovery and helping build muscle mass, but its benefits are even more broad — proteins are building blocks for bones, skin, blood, enzymes, hormones and vitamins, too. When shopping, look for a complete amino acid profile and easy digestibility.

The quality of the ingredients is what really interested me in the first place. All sourced and thoughtfully integrated to deliver a product that does what it says. Smooth and tasty, no gritty or off-taste issues. I can feel good because it’s actually good for me. Well done! 

Chad Cooper
U.S. Marines – Military
ExpertVoice member since 2022

Collagen: Bubs Naturals Collagen Protein

Collagen is the most plentiful structural protein in the body and because of that, the benefits of collagen are abundant. Its reputation is big in beauty, but it’s also a major player in the health of bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage and more.

BUBS Naturals does a great job sourcing collagen from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows. The collagen mixes easily into your drink of choice- my favorite is a smoothie. The taste is very subtle, if not any. BUBS stands by helping people … such as, finding the best ingredients and by donating 10% of its profits to the Glen Memorial Foundation. 

 Isabellea Montgomery
ExpertVoice Employee
ExpertVoice member since 2019

Expert tip: Experts suggest consistent use and patience — results aren’t generally apparent immediately. Some ExpertVoice members reported feeling a noticeable difference when they stopped taking collagen.

Omega-3s: Carlson Maximum Omega 2000

The omega-3s EPA and DHA present a lengthy list of benefits. That’s because the body incorporates these essential fatty acids into virtually every one of your cells, including in your heart, brain, eyes — and just about every part and system you use to function. Omega-3s fortify cell membranes (the structure) and support their interaction (the function) with other cells.  

This packs a LOT of great stuff into one softgels, a bit on the larger side (understandably) but it goes down smoothly nonetheless. I think it’s the best option if you want your fish oil in a “pill.” Plus Carlson is one of the few brands I’d trust for fish oils — critical that they are excellent quality. 

CC Balach
Nature Select Foods Retail Employees
ExpertVoice member since 2020

Expert tip: Experts appreciate a supplement that avoids fishy tastes/burps, and they pay attention to the ratio of EPA and DHA.

Probiotics: Essential Formulas Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Supplements

Trillions of bacteria foment in your gut microbiome, supporting not just digestion but a range of systems, such as immune function and cognition. When your friendly bacteria could use reinforcements, probiotics are beneficial for getting the microbiome back into balance.  

I love Essential Formulas and this product really allows the quality to shine. The price point is a bit high, but worth it for the results. I used to wake up with a pained stomach every morning and since taking 2 sample packs of Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics, I’ve been stomach painfree and my digestion has much improved. Definitely recommend! 

Hope Wells
Sprouts Farmers Market
ExpertVoice member since 2021


Expert tip: Read the label to find out which bacteria strains are in a supplement. Some are for general support, others have more targeted specialties. 

Functional mushrooms: Host Defense Mushrooms Stamets 7

Many functional mushrooms offer immune support, and, as sources of prebiotic fiber and digestive enzymes, support digestive health. Species also have their own strengths. For example, lion’s mane supports cognition and shiitake supports heart health.  

I mix this directly into water every morning. Mushrooms aren’t water-soluble but somehow they mix well enough into my water and they taste fine. This tastes real. Earthy, subtle. I pretty much love everything about this product and can’t imagine my kitchen without it! If I could have only 1 supplement this is the 1. 

Stefanie Curry
Whole Foods Market Retail Employee
ExpertVoice member since 2021

Bonus points: The benefits of some species are quicker and more pronounced than others. Consistent use is key. 


Multivitamins are like greatest hits albums. They combine commonly recommended vitamins and minerals into one formula, simplifying the process of examining your diet and identifying potential gaps. Experts look for digestibility and nutrient profiles that fit their lifestyles (nutrition needs change depending on age, gender and more. For example, women’s multivitamins often have more iron and vitamin B6)

Women’s: Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s One Multivitamin

“I take this multivitamin every morning. I love knowing I’m getting some important greens as well as daily nutrients and necessary vitamins. Would highly recommend! A super accessible price point as well. 

Susan Huber
Whole Foods Market Retail Employees
ExpertVoice member since 2023

Men’s: Country Life Vitamins Core Daily 1 Multivitamin

Always a top choice, have lots of confidence in this line and their others for all of my family — daughter, son, wife. 

Mark Patterson
Sprouts Farmers Market Retail Employees
ExpertVoice member since 2019

Vitamin D3: Country Life Vitamins Vitamin D3 5000 IU 

Nicknamed the Sunshine Vitamin, D3 is what your body makes when the skin is exposed to sunlight. But deficiencies in the United States are common because of obstacles such as winter, clouds, aging, skin tone and sunblock.  

This is a strong product with high potency. The small size of the soft-gel means I can recommend it to any of my customers without having to worry about the size of it. It also means that since I struggle with taking large pills, I can take this easily and without stress. It is the number one vitamin D product recommended in our store. 

Talyn Smith-Pierce
Natural Grocers – Vitamin Cottage Retail Employees
ExpertVoice member since 2022

Magnesium: Natural Vitality Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon

The body uses magnesium for more than 300 chemical processes. Among other things, it’s used for muscle relaxation, stress management and sleep support.   

Calm raspberry lemon magnesium is a delicious supplement that helps replenish the body’s magnesium levels. It’s vegan and verified non-GMO. Taken during times of stress it supports a calm mind! I take mine 30 minutes before bed. It really relaxes me!! Just mix it with water. This is the #1 best-selling magnesium supplement on the market.

Michelle Smith
Sprouts Farmers Market Retail Employees
ExpertVoice member since 2020

Greens: Vibrant Health Green Vibrance

A supergreens supplement is like a multivitamin that’s plant-focused and delivers an extra boost for digestion, immune function and energy levels. 

This product supports your overall well-being — a product you can take and feel the difference. The only product I take everyday!

Samuel Cowgill
Whole Foods Market Retail Employees
ExpertVoice member since 2017

Expert tip: If you’re new to greens, experts recommend mixing them into a smoothie or with apple juice or orange juice as you get used to the grassy flavor.  

Lutein: LifeSeasons Visibili-T 

Looking at a screen for hours a day isn’t doing any favors for our eyes. In fact, the blue light can be damaging. Lutein is a natural carotenoid that protects eyes against blue-light damage.  

I’ve been taking this about 2 weeks now and a huge difference in the amount of floaters I get in my eyes while studying. Also, my eyes aren’t getting as tired or dry. I can study a little longer! Thank you!

Lee Anne Julien
Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Retail Employees
ExpertVoice member since 2022

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