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A Natural for Naturals

  • Expert name: Rachel Miller
  • Affiliation: Sprouts Farmers Market Retail Employees
  • Occupation: Department Manager
  • Location: Tucson, AZ
  • Date joined ExpertVoice: 2019

Meet Rachel Miller a Department Manager at Sprouts Farmers Market in Tucson, Arizona. Calling Rachel an enthusiast is simply not enough to describe her passion for health and naturals. Credentialed in over 150 brands and another 150 product recommendations shared, Rachel's passion and expertise go above and beyond. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Rachel, to get to know her better and share her thoughts and experiences. 


Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

Rachel Miller:

Tucson, Arizona.

I was first introduced to the vast world of health and wellness when I started working for General Mills as an Independent Demo Representative for a few of their healthier food and snack options at Sprouts Farmers Market. 

I am currently the department Manager of the grocery department. I still enjoy independent research on health and wellness to further the health journeys of myself and those around me, be they customers, friends, family, or fellow employees.


What got you interested in nutrition and wellness?

Rachel Miller:

At 15, I started having multiple different health concerns that went undiagnosed by multiple practitioners and specialists in the western medical field. Pharmaceuticals only made things worse — at one point I was on 13 medications. I looked into other options to try and heal myself. I spent years slowly removing these medications and adding in natural supplements to take their place. It was a long journey but through various supplement protocols and special care in what I ate, I slowly started to get better and am now completely medication free.


What are some daily supplements you personally take and recommend?

Rachel Miller:

Omega 3 supplements are something I recommend to everyone as the vast majority of the population is deficient.

A high-quality methylated multi vitamin and mineral, preferably sourced from whole food, is another staple in my routine as our current food supply has become increasingly less nutrient dense as farming depletes our soil. 

A good thing to remember is supplements are amazing but can only do so much. Maintaining a well balanced, nutrient dense, whole food diet is essential and the basis for proper health. Everyone’s body is different and thrives on slightly different ratios of carbs, fats and proteins so finding this balance can be a challenge but is well worth the time.

One of Rachel's many recommendations:

Awesome taste!

So I have to say I have a pretty big tolerance for nasty tasting healthy stuff since health and nutrition is my passion I’ll take almost anything if I think the benefits out way the taste... BUT this taste so good! It’s not overly sweet from the stevia and it’s so fruity! Hoping to get this at my store soon!


What is your favorite brand on ExpertVoice? Why?

Rachel Miller:

I don’t know if I could really pick just one. Some of my favorites include;

Ancient Nutrition – The fundamentals of what the brand stands for, as well as its products, are very much in line with how I nourish my body.

IWI – A very innovative and sustainable brand, and a great option for all consumers with any diet preference. 

OM Mushrooms – High-quality and cost effective, my favorite product to recommend from their line is the Master Blend which includes a wide array of mushrooms as well as a few great adaptogens. 

Host Defense – Paul Stamets is a pioneer in the field of medicinal mushrooms and a joy to learn from. I am proud to say I took their independent study course and am a certified Mycelium Expert. 

LifeSeasons – An amazing brand to recommend to new users who are trying to address one or many targeted health concerns. Myself and family members have used many of their products with wonderful results. Their formulation using synergy from nature is highly effective. 

Carlson – Maximum Omega is a staple in my routine for effective high-dose omega-3 supplementation.

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