Using Social Influencers to Build Trust

Using Social Influencers to Build Trust

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Trust is the most important thing in any relationship, including the one between a brand and their customers. Providing valuable content, building a strong connection and delivering consistent messaging are just a few ways brands are winning consumers to keeping them engaged.

While these are all great ways to build a trustworthy brand, the rise in social media has created even more opportunity to do so: by using influencers. See how to build trust and win over your fans using these very influential marketing agents.

Proof is in the Product

One way to create true authenticity between your social influencers and your customers is to allow the influencer to engage with the product. Give them a test run, put the product in their hands and let them experience why your brand is worth talking about. It’s an exchange that’ll increase brand exposure and credibility. The realness of the situation will shine through in the content they share.

Make it a Natural Fit

The last thing you want to happen between the brand and influencer is for the relationship to feel forced. Take the time and put in the work to make sure you’re vetting the right people for the role. Relevance and resonance is more important than solely looking at reach or celebrity status. An authentic, genuine selection builds trust and shows your customers you care about them and respect them enough to not push ads and generic endorsements at them.

Online Advertisements vs. Influence

Millennials especially, are turned off by ads and inauthentic interactions with brands. So where do you turn? One of the most effective ways is to use social influencers to build trust with your customers online. People want to know what their friends, family and trusted sources think about a product and why they love it. Collaborate with your social influencers. Work together to convey your brand message in a trustworthy and creative way that’ll resonate with your audience.

Mobile Ads vs. Authentic Influencer Marketing


Turn to Customers First

One proven way to build a trustworthy brand is to turn your satisfied customers into your influencers. They’ve already had a positive experience and have a favorable attitude toward your brand and product. Why not let them do the talking for you and share why they’re so happy. It’s a very smart and painless approach to building trust and rewarding your biggest fans. They’ll be honored you noticed them and grateful that you appreciate their business.

Build a Relationship

An influencer marketing program will work if you put in the energy to build authentic relationships with open communication. Working with influencers isn’t just a one-time exchange. Make sure they’re active on social media and are who you think they are before you fully commit. To be successful you’ll need to work together to come up with content, keep in close communication and be willing to dedicate resources and time tracking metrics to gauge success.


Use these guidelines to build trust with your audience. Leverage your influencers to build that trust. Focus on making sure it’s a strong, natural relationship so you’re sure to deliver authentic messaging to your audience. In business, trust is so important that you can’t afford to overlook it.

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Katie Carlson , Contributing Author

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