New Report in Analytics: Inventory Levels

Inventory Levels Report

What it is: A new report in Analytics shows brands with hosted stores their estimated inventory levels on ExpertVoice.

  • You can filter the report by the product SKU, product name, fulfillment outlet name, fulfillment outlet ID, stock status (inventory good, out of stock, or all), and estimated inventory.
  • Estimated inventory is defined as the last reported inventory less the reserved amount or SKU's purchased since the previous inventory update which is represented by a date on the bottom of the report.
  • You can view the data as a bar graph or in a list.

Why it matters: The report helps brands with hosted stores manage their inventory more effectively on ExpertVoice. It provides a high-level visual of the remaining inventory and how many out-of-stock requests experts have submitted on ExpertVoice. We recommend also referencing the Out of Stock report in the Analytics app to see what timeframe those out-of-stock requests were submitted.

Where you can find it: In Analytics, click “Add Reports to Dashboard”, scroll to the Inventory Levels report, and drag it to your dashboard.


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