4 new campaign types to ramp up your advocacy marketing program

4 new campaign types to ramp up your advocacy marketing program.

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The Survey, Product Sampling, Activity and Challenge Campaigns provide brands with new ways to engage experts using the Campaign Manager.

With the addition of four new advocacy marketing campaigns, it’s now easier for brands to create personalized and engaging experiences for the industry insiders that matter most to you.

Historically, brands could work with ExpertVoice Studios to strategize and launch their advocacy marketing program to drive cross-channel results, but with the release of the Campaign Manager earlier this year, brands have more flexibility to create advocacy campaigns on their own. 

We’re excited to provide brands with four new ways to connect with experts. Read on to learn more about the recent updates to the Campaign Manager in the Advocacy Platform and think about how you can implement these new campaign types for the rest of the year and beyond.

#1. Survey Campaigns

Looking for a way to collect regular audience insights and keep a healthy pulse on market trends? Brands using the Advocacy Platform to create and publish campaigns now have access to Survey Campaigns. With Survey Campaigns, you can create custom surveys on-demand and confidently collect responses from a trusted audience of vetted, credentialed experts. From posting a simple Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to developing a more in-depth questionnaire with multiple choice and free-form questions, surveys are customizable to meet your brand’s needs.  It’s a simple and cost-effective choice for brands looking to better understand their target audience and the value of their advocacy marketing program.

Benefits of Survey Campaigns include:

  • Quickly collect insights at scale from a trusted, curated audience of industry insiders.
  • Cost-effective way to conduct audience research in the same platform where you manage the rest of your advocacy marketing program; no need to spend valuable staff time and dollars using another survey tool.
  • Develop an increased understanding of what motivates your brand advocates no matter where you’re at in the product lifecycle

Learn more about Survey Campaigns here.

#2. Product Sampling Campaigns

With Product Sampling Campaigns, brands can hand select an exclusive group of product testers from the ExpertVoice network of credentialed experts, send them a free sample, and automate the collection of UGC photos and honest reviews. product sampling is an efficient and effective way to collect and syndicate user-generated content when and where you needed it – whether it's on your ExpertVoice product display pages, e-commerce website, or across other retailer sites. Experts are everyday influencers backed by a resume, and they’re excited to show off their expertise by putting your free sample to the test, sharing authentic user-generated content, and letting you know how it performs. 

Benefits of Product Sampling Campaigns include: 

  • Gather reviews and UGC from a trusted audience of hand-selected credentialed experts.
  • Save time managing UGC permissions with creator content that is pre-approved for your brand to use in any channel.
  • Boost e-commerce performance by surfacing more UGC with the expert recommendation display.

Learn more about Product Sampling Campaigns here.

#3. Activity Campaigns

Exclusive to the Community Manager, with Activity Campaigns, you can ask members to participate in any number of unique brand advocacy activities. Challenge them to complete a specific on or off-platform mission, track their completion, reward their engagement and leverage the assets you’ve collected along the way. These brand advocacy activities can be anything from posting content on social channels to attending or advertising an event, uploading UGC, videos or product reviews. Deploy an Activity Campaign any time you’d like to gather proof of experts’ participation and completion of the activity both on or off the platform.

Benefits of Activity Campaigns include: 

  • Increase engagement with your ExpertVoice Community members.
  • Opportunity to gain additional product insights and user-generated content.
  • Deepen your relationship with a core group of brand community members and reward their contributions.

Learn more about Activity Campaigns here.

#4. Challenge Campaigns

Our experts have a healthy appetite for competition. Give your community members a fun way to interact with each other and gain product knowledge along the way with these gamified on-platform experiences. Allow your community members to test their knowledge and compete asynchronously to deepen their engagement with your brand. 

Brand benefits include: 

  • Create a fun community atmosphere that members will be excited to visit.
  • Gamify the education of your brand and products. 
  • Gain insight into your community member’s industry knowledge.

Learn more about Challenge Campaigns here.

Putting it all together

The Campaign Manager provides brands with many different ways to engage their most valuable audiences, keep their brand top of mind, and continue building advocacy for their brand.

Advocacy marketing initiatives are better when shared— with unlimited seats available for your brand in the Advocacy Platform, share the new campaign types with your broader team. Could your customer experience team benefit from asking in-depth questions to your experts who work directly with customers at retail? Would your R&D team like to curate a select group of product testers? Is your marketing team looking to gather guest content writers and authentic UGC for next season's product catalog? 

Interested in learning more about the new campaign types? Reach out to your Account Executive or get in touch with us here.

Note: Access to features within the Campaign Manager of the Advocacy Platform varies based on your subscription level. For access to all features, reach out to your Account Executive partner for more information.

¹The ability to create and publish campaigns will only be made available by reaching out to your Account Executive.


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