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Whether it is an uphill grind, bombing it downhill or just cruising on flat asphalt, Diamondback designs bikes to make it a great ride. We had the opportunity to spend a couple days just south of Seattle with the top-tier bike brand and to say we’re impressed is an understatement. Here are three reasons why we love Diamondback:

Reason #1: Diamondback listens to their riders

We all know Diamondback makes great bikes but they didn’t do it on their own. Diamondback understands that what really matters is what riders think and feel about their bikes. Their own chief marketing and digital officer, Stuart Johnson, had this to say, “A lot of the designs that we create now are coming from conversations on the trail and also feedback online, where we hear what our riders need.” This feedback, whether negative or positive, plays a part in designing each Diamondback bike, including the latest 2019 models: the Sync’r Carbon, Release 29 and Mission Carbon. By listening to feedback from riders, the creative team at Diamondback creates ever better bikes for ever greater rides.

Reason #2: Diamondback bikes are premium but accessible

Experienced bike shoppers know that when you’re looking for a great bike, you can settle for an uncomfortable ride to save some money or pay a pretty penny for a performance bike. With Diamondback, that’s not the case. They’re committed to offering amazing rides that keep the sport accessible and affordable. Take the new 2019 Release 29 for example, the bike is designed for utmost performance on the trails, but its price puts this Diamondback model within reach. With Diamondback, you won’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a top performance bike.

Reason #3: Diamondback is on a quest for perfection

With three new models, 2019 is an exciting year for Diamondback. With the understanding that no one knows bikes quite like the riders themselves, the Diamondback team gathers feedback from customers (both positive and negative) and their newest bikes are pushing the envelope. They’re not afraid to develop the next generation of their already innovative suspension or overhaul an existing model like the Mission. They never stop innovating. Every employee at Diamondback is passionate and relentless in their pursuit. While Diamondback bikes are already at the forefront of innovation, the quest for the perfect ride never stops.

We love the brand, the bikes and the team. To see how Diamondback is leading the way with performance bikes without breaking the bank or for a look at their latest 2019 models, check out their website and their work with ExpertVoice.

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