Meet the Community Manager

Meet the Community Manager

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Meet the Community Manager
After months of building, testing and fine tuning, the early release version of the Community Manager is now available. For brands looking to build deeper relationships and longer-term partnerships with Experts, the Community Manager has you covered.

The Community Manager allows you to build and manage your own expert communities in the ExpertVoice Advocacy Platform. Find and hand-select your most passionate, trusted experts and communicate with them in real-time. Poll them, gather and share insights with them, build an authentic relationship, and engage them in a variety of campaigns. The Community Manager can also help you manage brand ambassadors, field reps, pros, grassroots programs, or any unique group of people you’d like to form.

With Community Manager, you can easily:
  • Build a custom landing page and application to recruit members
  • Hand-select applicants to join your communities
  • Offer exclusive access to your community members on the ExpertVoice platform
  • Have direct, two-way communication with your community members
  • Track activity, engagement and orders

The communities you’ll build will be full of real-life experts who authentically influence buyers. That authenticity also extends to the feedback they provide your brand. They won’t sugar-coat things. They’ll give honest, real feedback that you can trust.

Design your own landing page and application to recruit members from within the ExpertVoice platform or invite external folks into the fold if they aren’t already an ExpertVoice member. Members who apply to be part of your community are opting in to deepen their relationship with your brand. You have full control over who becomes a member of your communities through the tools in the Advocacy Platform. If you already manage an existing community program, you can easily add those members to your ExpertVoice community. 

Once your communities are set up, you can start communicating exclusively with them however you see fit. Bonus incentives, sneak peeks at new products, testing groups, AMAs, photoshoots or recruitment — how you engage with your communities is entirely up to you. 


For this initial release, the Community Manager is available to a limited number of brands. The ideal community size is up to 100 members. To ensure your success, our Community Strategist will provide coaching, support, and education on best practices in defining, building, and launching your community.


Communities Success Story: The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen had a brand ambassador program in the past but hadn’t kept up with it in the last few years as they shifted focus over to social influencers. However, their social influencers lacked the authentic, organic relationships of an intimate brand ambassador program.  

The Honest Kitchen participated in the Community Manager beta launch to reinvigorate their ambassador program. They recruited 41 community members from ExpertVoice to participate in monthly campaigns. First, they asked members to complete a training and upload a video of their pet. Then, they sent out a Friends and Family coupon as well as a Surprise and Delight holiday pet treat, prompting community members to share UGC to their social channels. Finally, they provided exclusive content asking members to leave a recommendation on ExpertVoice. Members were rewarded for their participation with exclusive coupons and recognition from the brand.


of The Honest Kitchen community members completed at least one campaign and generated over 61 Instagram photos.


Over 61 Instagram photos were generated by The Honest Kitchen community members.


Getting to know our community members was great. Most of them were really lovely to work with and it was awesome hearing their feedback on our products. It was also rewarding to know that our food had made a positive impact on their pet's lives and it was fun to reward customers for being so dedicated to the brand.”

-Brandy Vachal, The Honest Kitchen

How to get started with the Community Manager

If you’re interested in participating in the limited initial release of the Community Manager, reach out to your ExpertVoice Account Executive.