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ExpertVoice unites specialists across many industries, including fitness, with members ranging from retail associates to professional athletes. Whether for work or play, ExpertVoice members are always testing, trying or adopting new products.

With their unparalleled amount of gear experience and knowledge, our members are the trusted source when it comes to product recommendations.

With the current happenings, exercise offers a healthy outlet, whether you’re working out in your living room or maintaining your distance out on the trail. Check out ExpertVoice members’ tried-and-true picks for fitness and training, like nuun sport hydration, Garmin sports watches, Hydro Flask bottles and Theragun recovery tools.

On the trail

Brandan Hollingshead

14 reviews (9.7 avg.)
16 helpful votes

Best Watch I've Ever Owned

I'm a big "gadget" person, and I love my watches, knives, and flashlights. So when I was researching "smart" watches, I had to know which one was the best for me and my lifestyle. I spend most of my time working, playing in the mountains with my family, and training at home for challenges such as Spartan Race. I started my search and came across the Garmin Fenix 5x Plus. What caught my eye was the ruggedness, Garmin track record, Pulse Oxidation along with the GPS capabilities and music storage. The Pulse Oxidation helps track sleep and blood oxidation at higher altitudes; which is excellent when hiking at 12,000 feet. Using this information, I'm able to gauge resting periods and recovery of vital importance. I've used my watch on over 15 separate hikes, including two hunts, and three races. The Garmin GPS is very accurate and comes with many used trails already downloaded; this meant I didn't have to buy separate maps from a different app. I've dragged it through the mud on a race and washed it off quickly, and it functions with no issue. Bare-in-mind the Fenix 5x was not meant to be centered around the music function; it's an added benefit and can be tricky changing your library music and features. Syncing features work very well and take very little time once the initial sync is completed. Overall I highly recommend this watch to anyone. I'm very proud to own this excellent piece of equipment and utilize it every day in so many different ways.


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55% Off MSRP

19 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Experts rave about these sunglasses’ rugged design and how the PRIZM lens enhances = clarity so much, it makes familiar trails feel new.

Superior 4 - Men's

60% off MSRP

111 Recommendations

Why experts love it: From training to race day, ExpertVoice members prefer the lightweight construction, spacious toe box and secure fit of these Altra trail runners.


30% Off MSRP + Free Shipping

13 Recommendations

Why experts love it: According to experts, this massager is worth every penny. Use it to warm-up muscles before a training session or alleviate knots and strains.

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CLIF® BLOKS™ Margarita w/ 3X Sodium

Up to 45% off + Free Shipping

18 Recommendations

Alisha Aravena

3 reviews (9.7 avg.)
3 helpful votes

Verified Product Owner

Always in my pack!

CLIF BLOKS have saved the day more than once, when I've been borderline dehydrated or worn out with miles to go. I prefer the BLOKS because, unlike energy gels, they aren't messy and easy to eat, even on the go. Plus the flavors are great and surprisingly refreshing, making the BLOKS a welcomed treat during tough hikes or rides. As for favorite flavors, it's a toss-up between Margarita and Ginger Ale!


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On the road

Xtend LightVest (M/L)

40% off MSRP

6 Recommendations

Starla Holder

2 reviews (10.0 avg.)
0 helpful votes

Verified Product Owner

Love this vest!

I run in the mornings - which means in the dark for half of the year. This vest is easy to wear, lightweight, comfortable and super bright. The battery lasts a long time before it needs to be recharged. I love it!


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nuun sport - strawberry lemonade

60% Off MSRP

121 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Offered in easy-to-use tabs, nuun makes enhanced hydration simple and convenient, even when you’re on-the-go.

All In Kit

45% off MSRP

30 Recommendations

Why experts love it: This set has everything you need to treat your body pre- or post-workout. Experts use its tools to relieve sore muscles or loosen up before a training session.


40% Off MSRP

1 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Don’t underestimate the power of a good visor. Experts love this visor's adjustability and built-in sweat band.

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Compression Leg Sleeves

40% off MSRP

17 Recommendations

Michael Young

3 reviews (9.0 avg.)
0 helpful votes

I looked into compression socks when I started to get shin splints from running. I bought a pair of compression socks and I love them but not for running. The sock portion tend to slide around in my running shoes and the compression made my toes go numb. I found these when looking at calf compression sleeves and these are absolutely amazing! I wear them on every run to help combat against shin splints and they also keep your calves warm when running in cold weather. I wouldn't consider running without these on.


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In the (home) gym

All Train™ 215
14 Recommendations

Caleb Ekin

25 reviews (9.2 avg.)
26 helpful votes

Verified Product Owner

The fit and support provided by the footbed is excellent. This shoe really shines as an all-around training shoe for sprints, general strength training, and circuit training. When conducting heavier squats and Olympic lifts, the sole is not quite supportive enough to maintain max stability under load. Also, for agility work that emphasises side to side movement and pivots, the upper falls a little short of really locking in the wearer's forefoot. Luckily, Inov8 has several different models for those specific target areas, so as long as the user has the proper appreciation for the shoe's strengths, they'll be very pleased with the product.


Will Sometimes

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Up to 50% off + Free Shipping $75+

67 Recommendations

Why experts love it: Experts turn to Yeti for a pre-gym boost because of its great taste and lasting energy, sans jitters.

CBD Pain Cream

20% off + Free Shipping $75+

47 Recommendations

Why experts love it: When it comes to recovery, experts swear by this fast-absorbing formula and claim it’s more effective than traditional icy-hot treatments.

Vertex II Flex-Knit Zip Pocket Short

40% Off + Free Shipping $50+

34 Recommendations

Why experts love it: With incredible durability and a zero-distraction secure fit, experts deem these their “go-to” shorts for the gym (and everywhere else too).

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Zoë Day

4 reviews (10.0 avg.)
3 helpful votes

Verified Product Owner

It's the perfect water bottle for the gym, the seal is really tight so I don't need to worry about it spilling all over me if I take a drink while working out. The Sport lid makes it easy to drink out of while you're in motion and is the perfect size to fit in the equipment's spot for water bottles. I also love the color!


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