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We do our best to make it easy to sign up for ExpertVoice and connect with your favorite brands. However, if you ever do have any questions, we’ve put together a brief guide answering some frequently asked questions to help you along the way.

How do I sign up for ExpertVoice?

Signing up to be an expert and gaining brand access on ExpertVoice is easy. Just go to where you’ll see a sign-up form. All we need is your name and email, and you’re good to go! If you have a group code, feel free to enter it when you sign up. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can join groups later.

I signed up, but I don’t see anything.

Congrats, you’ve made it onto the platform. Don’t see any brands yet? Not to worry. To gain access to brands on ExpertVoice, you’re going to have to join a group, or as we say, affiliate.

Affiliations are key to everything you do on ExpertVoice. It’s through your affiliation that brands target you with insider access, and, depending on your affiliation, you may qualify for deeper discounts. Different types of groups include retailers like REI, Williams-Sonoma and Petco, as well as professional organizations and clubs like Law Enforcement, Boy Scouts of America, Ski Patrol and branches of the Armed Forces.

Click here and search for your retail store or professional group. Once you find your group, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a group that you are associated with.
  2. Fill out some simple information for us to verify and confirm your affiliation.
  3. Hang tight, wait for your confirmation email. This email is usually automated and sends within 30 minutes — be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away.
    In some cases, we’ll need to manually verify your credentials. This usually takes one to three business days, and once you’re approved we’ll send you an email to unlock your full ExpertVoice access.
  4. Once you receive a confirmation email, you’re all set and will start seeing brands on your feed.

Experts can join multiple groups, for example – a member of law enforcement who is also in the national guard would qualify for both. To get the access you deserve, be sure to join as many groups that are relevant to you.

I’ve signed up and joined a group, what’s next?

It’s time for you to access all the perks that come with being an expert. On your feed, you’ll find all the brands connected to your affiliations. Brands offer lessons for you to learn more about their history and products. Prove you’re an expert by reading these lessons and participating in Edu-Games, if you get 100% on the Edu-Game a “Brand Certified” badge will be added to your profile. After passing a brand’s Edu-Game you’ll unlock insider access, sneak peeks, discounts and more.

How do I see and gain access to more brands?

Brand access is associated with your affiliation. To maximize the number of brands you see on your feed simply affiliate yourself with every group you’re associated with. There’s no limit to how many groups you can join. To find more groups to join, just click here.

I feel like my feed always looks the same…

While your feed is unlikely to be drastically different from day-to-day, new brands and new products are always being added to the platform. Stay up-to-date with ExpertVoice news and announcements by checking your email and your feed, you never know what you’ll find.

I still have questions.

Not to worry, feel free to visit our Help Desk to find answers and support to all your questions.

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