How ExpertVoice’s New Partnership With Bazaarvoice Will Unleash the Power of Your Expert Reviews


How ExpertVoice’s new partnership with Bazaarvoice will unleash the power of your expert reviews

As an ExpertVoice brand customer, you know the power of expert reviews. 

You know that 75% of U.S. shoppers always read product reviews, and 40% of them won’t even make a purchase unless user-generated content is present on the brand or retailer’s product page. In fact, 64% of consumers prefer visual UGC over professional imagery. You know first-hand that the presence of expert reviews undeniably boosts consumer trust, engagement, and sales. Yes, expert reviews are powerful — and getting those reviews onto more websites and in front of more consumers on the internet can be huge for your e-commerce business.


That’s why we are excited to announce our new syndication partnership with Bazaarvoice. One of the world’s largest networks for retailers and brands to collect and display user-generated content on their websites. 



This exciting partnership will allow ExpertVoice brand customers who have access to the Bazaarvoice Network to automatically syndicate their expert reviews with the 1.3 billion+ monthly shoppers who interact with the network every month.

So, how will this partnership benefit you as an ExpertVoice customer? Let’s break it down.

What does syndication mean?

Syndication is when content from one website is re-published on a third-party website. It lets brands get far more mileage from the content they produce, and reach more and larger audiences than they could ever bring to their own website. In short, syndication means you get to unleash the power of your content — in this case, expert reviews — on a larger playing field.

What does syndication on the Bazaarvoice Network mean for you?

ExpertVoice connects brands with influential, credentialed experts who are experienced in their fields. The E-commerce Advocacy Solution already enables brands like yours to collect and syndicate authentic expert reviews published on ExpertVoice to your website via the Expert Recommendation Display. However, for brands with Bazaarvoice, this partnership makes it possible to vastly expand the reach of expert reviews on your website by integrating with Bazaarvoice’s stream of customer reviews if desired. Not to mention access to the Bazaarvoice Network of over 1,750 global retailers. In addition, it helps build online purchase confidence with more consumers, accelerates online retail channel sales, and reduces returns.

In short, it means you can unleash the power of expert reviews on more websites, with millions of more consumers. It means building online purchase confidence with more consumers, accelerating online retail channel sales, and reducing returns at a massive scale.


What to do next?

At ExpertVoice, we know that the presence of expert reviews improves e-commerce outcomes in every way possible. We’re excited to see how this new partnership boosts your ability to drive trust, engagement, and higher sales with consumers in a big way. We also look forward to introducing additional partnerships in the future, to further increase the reach of your expert reviews to more places and more consumers.

ExpertVoice brand customers with E-commerce Advocacy and Bazaarvoice Network syndication enabled can take immediate advantage of this launch. Contact your Account Executive to learn more.

For more information about ExpertVoice’s partnership with Bazaarvoice and the E-commerce Advocacy Solution review the press release.  

Written by
Joel Swenson, Copywriter